CIRM welcomes Pavel Kunysz as visiting scholar for the Fall of 2021

Published: 16Sep2021

Starting in September, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal is happy to welcome Ph.D candidate Pavel Kunysz as part of a three-month research stay!

More sleep boosts teens’ ability to cope with pandemic

Published: 16Sep2021

While poor sleep was linked to higher levels of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, more teens actually obtained the recommended amount of sleep compared to pre-pandemic sleep patterns, according...

QLS Seminar Series - Danielle Bassett


The brain's structural connectome is organized to support efficient control of state transitions...

Alan Evans wins prestigious RSC McLaughlin Medal

Published: 14Sep2021

Internationally renowned neuroscientist earned career award for sustained scientific contributions to knowledge of the brain

Catherine Potvin awarded prestigious Sir John William Dawson Medal

Published: 14Sep2021

The Royal Society of Canada bestows the Sir John William Dawson Medal biennially to researchers who have made important and sustained contributions interdisciplinary research

Helping children with autism and hyperlexia learn to understand what they read

Published: 9Sep2021

Hyperlexia is a condition where preschool children display an intense early interest in letters in a way that is very advanced for their age. They can decode words accurately, but without...

Interview with Leila Ghaffari, CIRM’s 2021–2022 BMO Fellow

Published: 1Sep2021

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Montréal (CIRM) is very pleased to welcome urban studies researcher Leila Ghaffari as the recipient of the BMO Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021–2022!

Dreaming of a new downtown: a workshop on art and urban space


As Montréal, like many cities, imagines the future of its downtown after the COVID-19 pandemic, several questions might be asked about the possible role of art in transforming our city centre. ...

Freshwater ecosystems at risk due to glyphosate use

Published: 7Sep2021

One of the few species that was found to be resistant to severe glyphosate contamination was Scapholeberis mucronata, a freshwater zooplankter commonly found in Québec and elsewhere in North...


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