Two children enjoying a meal a Chic Resto Pop an integration and social economy company in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Make a donation

Make a donation

The Chic Resto Pop is an integration and social economy company in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. In addition to offering low-cost meals to more than 1,300 people per day, it helps unemployed people integrate the labor market and society through a range of training and employability development services.

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Help break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montreal.

Monthly payroll deduction

The most sustainable way to make a difference is by making regular payroll deductions over the course of the year. You can sign up for payroll deduction donations by following the personalized link included in the emails you receive from the Centraide campaign to your McGill email account. Once on the Centraide website, select the payment option, “payroll deduction,” and specify the total amount you want to give. Your donation will then be spread out evenly over 26 pay cycles. If you can’t locate your personalized email, please email [at] (Charles Wan).

If you already signed up for automatic payroll deduction, thank you! You don't have to do anything to renew your commitment for the 2021 Campaign. At any time during the campaign, you can go online to change your donation amount securely and confidentially by clicking the personalized link you received. 


Centraide Leadership Grant Challenge Fund

This year, the Centraide Leadership Grant Challenge Fund matches first time contributions of $1,200 or more. Additionally, any new donation of $10,000, Major Donors’ increased donation of 10% or more, will be matched as part of a new Major Donors’ Challenge

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