McGill Centraide Campaign participants at a March of the Umbrellas event

Committee members

Committee members

McGill Centraide Committee membership 2020

Committee member

Faculty / unit


Robert Leckey, Co-chair

Dean, Faculty of Law

doyen.droit [at]

Louis Arseneault, Co-chair

Vice-Principal, Communications and External Relations

louis.arseneault [at]

Andree LaHaise

Continuing Studies

andree.lahaise [at]

Arline Al Tork

Communications and External Relations

arline.tork [at]

Brett Meyer

Faculty of Engineering

brett.meyer [at]

Charles Wan

Human Resources [at]

Christine Chehade


christine.chehade [at]

Degane Sougal

Faculty of Education

degane.sougal [at]

Diane Koen


Diane.koen [at]

Dorothy Spindelmann-Redhead

Faculty of Arts

dorothy.spindelmann [at]

Eyal Baruch


eyal.baruch [at]

Francoise Filion

School of Nursing

francoise.filion [at]

Jemark Earle

President, Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU)

president [at]

Joyce Peralta

Communications and External Relations

joyce.peralta2 [at]

Karin Lornsen

Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor

karin.lornsen [at]

Kimberley Stephenson

McGill Bookstore

kimberly.stephenson [at]

Lauren Clark

Research and Innovation

lauren.clark [at]

Libby Parker

Faculty of Law

libby.parker [at]

Linda Webb

Office of Student Life and Learning

Linda.webb [at]

Mark Ordonselli

Communications and External Relations

mark.ordonselli [at]

Yanick Muller

Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS)

external.pgss [at]

Thavy Long

Institute of Parasitology

thavy.long [at]

Xiaonan Lu, Ph.D.

Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry [at]

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