A woman teaching 2 children how to read.

The impact of your gift

The impact of your gift

J’apprends avec mon enfant is striving, through family literacy programs, to ensure the educational success of children, especially those living in a context of social, economic and family vulnerability. Dozens of children with reading difficulties are referred by teachers from five districts of Montreal.


Centraide's mission is to fight poverty and social exclusion by acting on the issues that are most likely to bring about lasting and significant change in people’s lives.

To ensure your donations change lives for life, Centraide supports a vast network of agencies that work in four areas of action:

  1. Support Youth Success: Get young people on the road to success to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion. Learn more
  2. Take Care of the Essentials: Help young and old access adequate food and housing. Learn more.
  3. Break Social Isolation: Make sure that everyone can fully participate and contribute in society, no matter what their age, sex, origin or abilities. Learn more.
  4. Build Caring Communities: Unite the strengths of residents and agencies so that together they can improve the living conditions in their neighbourhoods. Learn more

Want to know more about how the money you give to Centraide is spent and what kind of people it goes to? Please visit the Centraide Web Site.

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