Medical Student Electives

Medical students interested in cardiac surgery as a career, or wish to gain additional exposure to the field are welcome to apply for a clinical elective. Elective are 4 weeks in duration and can be accommodated at the two teaching sites below. Senior medical students function as the junior resident during the elective and divide their time between the operating room, emergency department and ward. Medical students are expected to take call. McGill is an international university whose main language of instruction is English.

For additional information on the elective application process for McGill and visiting medical students, please refer to the the McGill Undergraduate Medical Electives website.


Supervisor Dr. Pierre-Luc Bernier Telephone (514) 934-1934, Local 37063

Kathy Roussis


Telephone (514) 934-1934, Local 37063
Email pierre-luc.bernier [at]
Fax (514) 843-1602
Email [at]

Available to two clerkship students. Students participate with the surgical resident in the evaluation and management of adult cardiovascular and thoracic surgical diseases. They work up patients on the ward and follow them to the operating room. In the operating room they are instructed in basic wound suturing which they perform themselves.

The Recovery Room gives the opportunity to become familiar with intensive monitoring. In the clinic, they participate in the assessment of new patients and observe the results of patients previously operated.

The service is involved in all aspects of C. V. T. surgical diseases, from the management of varicose veins to heart and lung transplantation. It works in close collaboration with the Department of Anesthesia and Cardiology. Students can also learn from these regular consultants.

Research electives involving clinical review of patient material in cardiac and vascular surgery are also available. Requests for electives of less than 4 weeks duration are not considered.


Supervisor Dr. Jean-Francois Morin Telephone (514) 340-8222, Local 25598
Coordinator Pamela Phillips Telephone (514) 340-8222, Local 24648
Fax (514) 340-8649
E-mail pphillips [at]

Available to one Clerkship student. The student who selects this elective will function as an integral member of the team in the work-up and management of patients with cardiac, vascular and thoracic diseases. His/her daily activities will take him to the cardiac catheter lab, the respiratory lab, the vascular radiology lab, the intensive care unit as well as to the operating room where he/she will be part of the surgical team. He/she will be closely supervised by a member of the Cardiac Surgery department. Requests for electives of less than 4 weeks duration are not considered.

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