Post Polypectomy Nutrition Clinic

The Post Polypectomy Nutrition Clinic (PPNC) was designed to help patients diagnosed with true precancerous polyps (Adenomatous and Serrated Adenomas) to follow dietary measures which have been found (in scientific studies) to decrease the risk of polyp recurrence. At the same time, our Dietitian outlines general diets which are considered to increase polyp risks.

The overall dietary benefit is thought to reduce risks by about 15-20%, and is not meant to be a substitute for regular screening (eg. Colonoscopy). However, research on dietary influence on Colorectal Cancer continues. As such, the PPNC is designed for the dual purpose of relaying up to date dietary information to the public, and to monitor actual dietary intake by patients with polyps.

The current set-up consists of a one-hour lecture by a Licenced Dietitian, followed by a question and answer period, and then another question and answer period with a physician (Gastroenterologist). The clinic is conducted once per month , usually the first Tuesday of the month. A referral is mandatory primarily for the ability to track patients in the future and to maintain proper pathology and medical information.

In the future, we hope to attract referrals from different hospitals around the Island of Montreal, and plans include separate French and English clinics. As well, in the future, we hope to conduct clinical observational or interventional dietary trials (on a voluntary basis).

For more information, please call Victor at 514-340-8222 extension 23872.

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