The Division of Cancer Epidemiology is responsible for a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level at McGill University:


- EPIB 671 (Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention): 3-credit graduate course

- ONCO 620 (Best Practices in Biomedical Research): 3-credit graduate course

- ONCO 645 (Seminars in Global Oncology): 3-credit graduate course

- Rotation in cancer epidemiology & prevention for medical residents (12 hours)

- Oncology Journal Club for Residents and Fellows (5 times a year)


In addition, instructors from the Division also provide guest lectures in the following courses:


- EXMD 504 (Biology of Cancer): 3-credit undergraduate course

- EXMD 614 (Environmental Carcinogenesis): 3-credit graduate course

- ONCO 610 (Fundamentals of Oncology and Cancer Research): 6-credit graduate course

- MIMM 387 (Business of Science): 3-credit undergraduate course

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