Our Studies

Currently, we have an ongoing study. Interested in participating? Click the links below to learn more. ...

Past Students

Past Students and Fellows (at McGill) Graduate Students, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Present Students

  Romina Tejada PhD Epidemiology Candidate Callum Mullen PhD Epidemiology Candidate Andrew Arthur MSc Epidemiology Candidate Maggie Logel MSc Epidemiology Candidate

Job and Research opportunities

This page lists job and training opportunities in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology at McGill and or in other Institutions.


The Division of Cancer Epidemiology is often involved in making a difference for our society and for the next generation of McGill students. Here is how you can make a tax-deductible gift to McGill...

Adjunct and Associate Faculty

Agnihotram V Ramanakumar, Associate Director, RI-MUHC...

Useful links

Epidemiology-Related links:...


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