Passionate support for the first Theodore L. Sourkes Lecture Series in Neuropharmacology

B@M: October 6th, 2013

MONTREAL — Recognition comes long overdue to venerable scientist Dr. Theodore Sourkes for his pioneering contributions in the development of L-DOPA replacement therapy in Parkinson’s disease, a therapeutic strategy that has for decades improved the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.  Acknowledgement extends into a new endowment fund for the Theodore L. Sourkes Lecture Series that will invite the world’s leading researchers to address groundbreaking developments in neuropharmacology and Parkinson’s disease. 

Quelling the din of a full symposium hall on day-one of the World Parkinson Congress, French neurobiologist Prof. Etienne Hirsch delivered an inaugural address that charted the full constellation of contributors in L-DOPA replacement therapy, marking it’s importance as the first effective treatment of any neurological disease.  This event was introduced in the Congress program with the auspices of The Parkinson Study Group.

Fêted by his peers alongside the loving support of his wife, Shena, and his daughters Myrna and Barbara, Dr. Sourkes excused his usual humility to illuminate in the gracious opening remarks delivered by Dr. Claudio Cuello, director of Brain@McGill, Dr. Moussa Youdim, McGill Alumni and student of Sourkes, Dr. Rose Goldstein, VP in Research and International Relations, and Dr. Gerhard Multhaup, department chair of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill.  All spoke to McGill’s pride in taking stock of Dr. Sourkes historic accomplishments, now secured by the lecture series’ endowment of over 100K for many years ahead.

Prof. Etienne Hirsch thanked by Dr. Theodore L. Sourkes for his inaugural presentation on ‘Parkinson’s disease: from L-DOPA therapy to unmet therapeutic needs’


The first Theodore L. Sourkes Lecture has been made possible by the support of the CIHR Institutes of Neuroscience and Aging and the Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  Furthermore, an endowment securing the future of the Theodore Sourkes Lecture Series has been made possible by the generous contributions of Dr. Moussa Youdim, the Dean of Medicine, the Office of the Vice-Principal in Research and International Relations, the Fonds de recherche-Santé, the FRQ-Nature et technologie, FRQ-Société culture and the numerous friends, colleagues and alumni of Ted Sourkes.



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