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December 2020

Laurence Kirmayer honoured with two prestigious awards
16 Dec (Health e-News)

Scientists show what loneliness looks like in the brain
15 Dec (Neuro News)

Researchers identify the origin of a deadly brain cancer
10 Dec (Health e-News)

Big data analysis suggests role of brain connectivity in epilepsy-related atrophy
2 Dec (Health e-News)

November 2020

Guy Rouleau appointed to Order of Canada
27 Nov (Neuro News)

NeuroHub: Advancing Open Science
18 Nov (McGill Reporter)

If your child has reading, school or social struggles, it may be DLD: Developmental language disorder
18 Nov (Health e-News)

Six early-career researchers receive leadership grants
12 Nov (McGill Reporter)

October 2020

Regenerative medicine provides avenue to study brain and muscular disease
27 Oct (Health e-News)

Recovering from sleep deprivation: What is the role of astrocytes
22 Oct (Health e-News)

Dr. Gustavo Turecki honoured by Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
22 Oct (McGill Reporter)

On her 80th birthday, she’s the one giving a gift
20 Oct (Health e-News)

Researchers awarded $2.7M to study loneliness and Alzheimer’s
15 Oct (McGill Reporter)

This hidden disorder affects up to 10% of children, yet most don’t know what it is (Elin Thordardottir)
14 Oct (Health e-News)

Discovery of a new key player in long-term memory
8 Oct (Health e-News)

Dr. Nada Jabado recognized by UBC
8 Oct (Health e-News)

September 2020

Remote assessment of brain health during a pandemic
29 Sept (Health e-News)

MNI research associate wins prestigious BBRF Young Investigator Grant
24 Sept (McGill Reporter)

McGill researchers part of international team awarded NIH grant to study causes and predictors of emerging psychosis
23 Sept (Health e-News)

$12.5 million awarded to Montreal team to study Parkinson’s Disease
21 Sept (McGill Reporter)

Encouraging leisure activities for persons living with dementia
17 Sept (McGill What's New)

August 2020

Gene targeting helps overcome the resistance of brain cancer to therapy
18 Aug (Med e-News)

The World Brain Death Project: New publication offers significant and unprecedented consensus on the question of when brain death occurs
10 Aug (Med e-News)

Findings of Alzheimer’s study could lead to development of pre-clinical therapeutics
7 Aug (McGill Reporter)

July 2020

Relève étoile Jacques-Genest June 2020
29 July (Med e-News)

McGill duo receives Brain Star Award
23 July (

Happy 102nd Birthday Brenda Milner!
16 July (Med e-News)

Protein may play lesser role in Alzheimer’s disease onset risk than thought
15 July (Med e-News)

Sodium found to regulate the biological clock of mice
14 July (Med e-News)

Deconstructing glioblastoma complexity reveals its pattern of development
8 July (Med e-News)

Charles Bourque named President of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience
7 July (Med e-News)

June 2020

New laboratory to advance research in 3D brain modelling
25 June (Med e-News)

Does substance abuse increase risk of suicide?
19 June (Med e-News)

Young brains on cannabis: Making science accessible
16 June (McGill Reporter)

The Neuro partners with new consortium EUbOPEN to unlock disease biology
9 June (McGill What's New)

The neurobiology of social distance: Why loneliness may be the biggest threat to survival and longevity
8 June (Med e-News)

Robert Zatorre wins major international award
6 June (Med e-News)

Launch of the Cannabis & the Developing Brain (CADB) website
5 June (Med e-News)

MS Month feature: studying a mysterious brain cell
2 June (Med e-News)



May 2020

Alan Evans receives prestigious Killam Prize
26 May (McGill Reporter)

Game-changing blood test accurately detects Alzheimer’s disease
9 May (McGill Reporter)

April 2020

Promising advance in depression research (Gustavo Turecki)
23 April (McGill Reporter)

Autism Awareness Month
15 April (Med e-News)

The Neuro Supports the Open COVID Pledge
14 April (Med e-News)

Promising advance in depression research (Gustavo Turecki)
8 April (Med e-News)

McGill researchers identify correlation between mild behavioural impairment and Alzheimer’s
8 April (Med e-News)

Early-childhood environments can worsen or improve attention deficit symptoms (Patricia Silveira)
6 April (Med e-News)

Touchscreens for mice: A path to understanding Alzheimer’s Disease
2 April (Med e-News)

March 2020

Gairdner Foundation recognizes Dr. Guy Rouleau with prestigious award
31 March (Med e-News)

The placebo effect and psychedelic drugs: tripping on nothing? (Jay Olson)
30 March (Med e-News)

An Open Access Experiment
2 March (Med e-News)


February 2020

Using a cappella to explain speech and music specialization (Philippe Albouy)
27 Feb (Neuro News)

A future game changer in the assessment of concussions in hockey? (J. Scott Delaney)
26 Feb (Med e-News)

McGill researchers end decade-long search for mechanical pain sensor (Reza Sharif-Naeini)
25 Feb (Med e-News)

Boys with inattention-hyperactivity face increased risk for traumatic brain injuries (Guido Guberman)
20 Feb (Med e-News)

Individual patients aren’t average patients: Personalized approaches to depression (HBHL)
19 Feb (McGill Reporter)

Designing artificial brains can help us learn more about real ones
17 Feb (Med e-News)

How many gender subtypes exist in the brain? (Danilo Bzdok)
13 Feb (Med e-News)

Digital tools considered vital in satisfying rising need for geriatric psychiatry
12 Feb (Med e-News)

New Faculty Spotlight: Maiya Geddes
12 Feb (Med e-News)

Study finds psychiatric disorders and suicide attempts substantially higher in adolescents and emerging adults with diabetes
4 Feb (Med e-News)

New faculty spotlight: Xiaoqian Chai
4 Feb (Med e-News)

The Neuro launches new visual identity
4 Feb (Neuro News)


January 2020

Deciphering how the brain interprets language (Peter Donhauser, Sylvain Baillet)
30 Jan (Med e-News)

Can Exercise Improve Video Game Performance? (Marc Roig)
30 Jan (Med e-News)

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinic
30 Jan (Neuro News)

AI-analyzed blood test can predict the progression of neurodegenerative disease (Yasser Iturria-Medina)
28 Jan (Med e-News)

New faculty spotlight: Joshua Aaron Sonnen
28 Jan (Med e-News)

AI-analyzed blood test can predict the progression of neurodegenerative disease (Yasser Iturria-Medina)
28 Jan (Neuro News)

How neuro-symbolic AI might finally make machines reason like humans (Blake Richards)
27 Jan (

Dr. Sylvain Williams on his most recent Alzheimer’s disease research
24 Jan (Med e-News)

Can lithium halt progression of Alzheimer’s disease? (Claudio Cuello)
21 Jan (Med e-News)

Discovering innovative ways to address autism
20 Jan (Med e-News)

New faculty spotlight: Yang Zhou
19 Jan (Med e-News)

A neuroscientist lays out the keys to aging well (Daniel Levitin)
15 Jan (

New faculty spotlight: Blake Richards
14 Jan (Med e-News)

Brain cancer: An intelligent molecule to fool and kill glioblastoma cells (Siham Sabri)
14 Jan (Med e-News)

What Neurobiology Can Tell Us About Suicide (Gustavo Turecki)
13 Jan (The Scientist)

Reintroducing brain plasticity lost in adulthood (Etienne de Villers-Sidani)
8 Jan (Med e-News)

New faculty spotlight: Jean-Francois Poulin
7 Jan (Med e-News)

In Memoriam: Ronald Melzack (1929 – 2019)
7 Jan (Med e-News)


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