Advising in the Department of Biology

nancy nelson Your advisor in Biology is Nancy Nelson, who will guide you in planning a realistic and meaningful program by outlining potential courses and research opportunities that align with your interests.

We encourage our undergraduate students to contact nancy.nelson [at] (Nancy) at least once a year, to verify their program requirements and ensure they are making satisfactory progress toward their degree.

Timeline for Biology Undergraduates

Under revision. 

Guidelines for U1 Course Registration & FAQs

Unsure about which courses to take during your first year in Biology?

Read the following Guidelines for U1 Registration, which highlight the typical course selections for U1 students in Biology. Please see the FAQ section for Fall 2023.

Considering Graduate Studies in Biology?

Check out this Graduate Student Perspective prepared by one of our graduate students, which chronicles their graduate experience in Biology and contains helpful tips about how to get involved in research as an undergraduate and when to start thinking about graduate schools.

Program Worksheets

In preparation for each advisory meeting, students may find the following Program Worksheets helpful for tracking their degree progress by taking note of the Required and Complementary courses they have successfully completed:

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