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May 2019

This month our lab moved to newly renovated space on the 13th floor of the McIntyre Medical Building. Everyone is excited!

January 2019

Emilie Brûlé received a 2019 Summer Research Fellowship (SRF): Excellence in Research Award from the Endocrine Society. Way to go Emilie.

The lab was awarded a new 5-year project grant from CIHR, "Novel insights into TGFß superfamily regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone synthesis".

December 2018

Congratulations to Tarek Hallal who was awarded a $10,000 trainee award from the McGill Centre for Research in Reproduction and Development.

November 2018

Congratulations to Gauthier Schang who was awarded first prize for his oral presentation at the Annual Symposium of the Réseau Québécois en reproduction (RQR).

September 2018

Congratulations to Luisina Ongaro who was awarded first prize for her poster presentation at the Annual Pharmacology Research Day (PRD2018).

August 2018

Congratulations to Courtney Smith who was awarded a $10,000 internal studentship from the McGill Faculty of Medicine.

​July 2018

Congratulations once again to Gauthier Schang who was awarded first prize for his poster at the 51st Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also received a Lalor Foundation Merit Award for his abstract.

May 2018

Congratulations to Gauthier Schang and Luisina Ongaro who were awarded first prizes in the Ph.D. and Postdoc categories for their poster presentations at this year's CRRD Research Day. 


March 2018

Emilie Brûlé was awarded a prestigious Alexander Graham Bell Canada Doctoral Scholarship (CGS D) from NSERC from 2018-2021. Way to go Emilie!

Yining Li was awarded the Sourkes Prize from the Department of Pharmacology for her paper on SMAD3's role in FSH synthesis, which was published in JBC in 2017. Well done Yining!


February 2018

Yining successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on February 20th. Way to go Yining.

The lab said farewell (and happy birthday) to Charlotte, who is moving on to a full-time position in the Faculty of Medicine!




January 2018

Emilie and Courtney were co-authors on a review on IGSF1 which was accepted at the Journal of the Endocrine Society.  This was Courtney’s first ever publication. Congratulations! Let's hope it's the first of many papers from the lab this year!

The lab was awarded a new 5-year Project Grant from the CIHR to study FSH actions in non-canonical tissues. This is a new collaboration between the Bernard and Goltzman labs.


November 2017

Yining won second place for her oral presentation at the 10th RQR Symposium held November 14 and 15 in St-Hyacinthe, QC. Congratulations, Yining!

Courtney was awarded a $10,000 Réseau Québécois en reproduction (RQR) studentship for her project titled "Identification and characterization of the IGSF1 interactome" which is co-supervised by Puttaswamy Manjunath at UdeM. The RQR Trainee Fellowship Competition is for new graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are co-supervised by two or more regular members of the RQR.  Way to go Courtney!

October 2017

Dan received a Research Tools and Instrument (RTI) Grant of $12,000 from NSERC to purchase a new plate reader.

September 2017

We welcomed Courtney Smith to the lab. Courtney has a BSc in medicinal chemistry from the University of New Brunswick and did her honours in biophysical chemistry at Cornell University. She is now pursuing her Masters degree. Welcome Courtney!

July 2017

Luisina gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Simon, on July 1st at St Mary's hospital. He was 53cm long and weighed 3370g.

Congratulations Lu and Jonatan!









May 2017 

Yining and Chirine took home awards for Best Oral Presentation and Best Postdoctoral Poster at CRRD Research Day 2017!

Chirine and Yining

Med e-News ran a story on Marc’s paper. Way to go Marc!

April 2017

Gauthier was awarded a 3-year Doctoral Research Award from CIHR. Way to go Gau!

Emilie was awarded an NSERC MSc Fellowship. Congratulations Emilie!

Gauthier was one of Monday's Presidential Poster winners at Endo2017. Congrats Gauthier! 

Marc was featured in April 2017 issue of the journal Endocrinology for his work on Impaired TRH action in IGSF1-deficiency syndrome. 

February 2017

Emilie was awarded the Maurice Raben Sponsored Summer Research Fellowship Award for the top thyroid application submitted to Endocrine Society’s 2017 Summer Research Fellowship Competition. Good job Emilie!

January 2017

Congratulations to Marc, an MSc student in our lab from 2014-2016, whose paper, "TRH action is impaired in pituitaries of male IGSF1-deficient mice", was accepted for publication in Endocrinology. Well done and a great way to start 2017!

December 2016

Yining's first first-authored paper was accepted for publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. "SMAD3 Regulates Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Synthesis by Pituitary Gonadotrope Cells In Vivo"  is tentatively scheduled for a February issue and the manuscript version is available here.    

Gauthier was awarded the Dr. Samuel Solomon Fellowship in Endocrinology. The $21,000 Fellowship is awarded annually, for one academic year, to a student who has shown outstanding graduate research in reproductive endocrinology in the Faculty of Medicine. The fellowship was established in 2010 by Dusty Vineberg Solomon, BA 1948, along with her friends and family to honour the outstanding career of Dr. Samuel Solomon, a former colleague in the Division. 

Emilie won a CRRD Trainee Scholarship worth $5000 for 1 January through 31 December, 2017. 

November 2016

Luisina takes third place in the Platform Presentations at the 9th RQR Symposium in Quebec City, 8-9 November, 2016.

Oral Presentation Winners, RQR 2016

September 2016

Congratulations Luisina on winning the Ferring Postdoctoral fellowship in Reproductive Health from the Faculty of Medicine!

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