ASAP 2012 Work Groups

ASAP 2012 was drafted largely on the basis of feedback from across the University. To keep that consultative process going, and to make sure we hear from all corners of McGill, the Office of the Provost created six Work Groups to study areas where additional investigation and recommendation are needed. These include:

"Academic Renewal, Hiring, Retention, Leadership Development"

Chair: Prof. Nigel Roulet (Science, Geography)
Work Group Members:
Prof. Payam Akhavan (Law)
Prof. Sean Ferguson (Music, Dean)
Prof. James Fyles (Science, Natural Resources)
Dr. Paul Holland (Medicine Neurology & Neurosurgery)
Prof. Vicki Kaspi (Science, Physics)
Prof. Sara Kimmins (FAES, Animal Science)
Prof. Sonia Laszlo (Arts, Economics)
Prof. Rima Rozen (AVP, Research & International Relations)
Prof. Paul Yachnin (Arts, English)
Real Del Degan (Director, AMO)
Dr. Nancy Diamond (Office of the Provost, Policy Advisor to the Provost)

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • How is faculty recruited? Is there variation across faculties?
  • What opportunities for interdisciplinary research and teaching exist?
  • How do we identify young faculty with a talent for academic leadership? How do we better encourage young faculty to contribute to the University?

"Career Development for Administrative and Support Staff at the University"

Chair: Prof. Bruce Lennox, Chair, Department of Chemistry, Science
Work Group Members:
Prof. Bruce Lennox (Science, Department of Chemistry, Chair)
Ms. Sharon Barqueiro (Associate Provosts Office, Director)
Prof. Lisa Cohen (Management, Organizational Behavior)
Ms. Antonia Di Paola (Science, Administration, Assistant to the Dean, Academic Staffing)
Ms. Christine Dolden (Medicine, Director of Administration)
Ms. Diane Koen (Libraries, Planning and Resources, Associate Director)
Dr. Elke Küster-Schöck (Biology, Science, Professional Associate)
Dr. Leah Moss (School of Continuing Studies, Director of Faculty Partnerships)
Ms. Tara Shaughnessy (Public Affairs, Graphic Design and Advertising, Associate Director)
Mr. Robert Stanley (Facilities Operations and Development, Director, Project Management)
Mr. David Syncox (Teaching and Learning Services, Graduate Education Officer)
Ms. Joanne TenEyck (Agricultural and Environmental Science, Assistant to the Dean)
Dr. Laura Winer (Teaching and Learning Services, Associate Director)
Resource: Ms. Johanne Houle (Human Resources, Director, Staff Organization and Development)

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • What do we mean by career development at McGill? What are best practices in peer universities?
  • How should career development in a university differentiate from other types of organizations?
  • What preparation is needed to train employees well? Which training and leadership development processes are best handled centrally? What about within Faculties and units?

"21st Century Education for the Professions"

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • How can we better prepare McGill to play a leadership role in professional education in Quebec and Canada?
  • What are effective approaches for dealing with Ordres? 
  • How do we benchmark ourselves against other institutions?

Chair: Dr. Sarkis Meterissian (Medicine, Associate Dean [Postgraduate Medical Education & Professional Affairs])
Work Group Members:
Prof. William Hendershot (FAES, Associate Dean [Academic])
Prof. Wendy Thomson (Arts, School of Social Work, Director)
Dr. Peter Chauvin (Dentistry, Oral Diagnostic Services, Director)
Dr. Carmen Sicilia (School of Continuing Studies, Career & Professional Programs, Director)
Prof. Caroline Riches (Education, Undergraduate Programs, Director)
Prof. Subhasis Ghosahl (Engineering, Associate Dean [Undergraduate Education])
Dr. Che O’May (Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Prof. Jaye Ellis (Law, Associate Dean [Academic])
Prof. Steve Fortin (Desautels Faculty of Management, Area Coordinator for Accounting)
Prof. Madeleine Buck (Medicine, School of Nursing, Associate Director)
Dr. Marc Pell, (Medicine, School of Communications Sciences & Disorders, Director)
Dr. Annette Majnemer, (Medicine, Associate Dean; and School of Physical & Occupational Therapy, Director)
Prof. Debbie Moskowitz (Science, Psychology, Director of Clinical Training)
Mr. Mahoud Almasri (Medicine, Undergraduate student; and Senator)
Helen M.C. Richard (Office of the Deputy Provost, Academic Planning Officer)

"Service to the Global Community"

Chair: Dr. Timothy Brewer (Medicine, International Health Office, Director)
Work Group Members:
Prof. Ellen Aitken (Religious Studies, Dean)
Ms. Veronica Amberg (SEDE office, Project Officer)
Ms. Anna Birnie-Lefcovitch (VP-RIR, Special Project Officer)
Prof. François Crepeau (Law)
Prof. Kathleen Fallon (Arts, Sociology)
Prof. John Galaty (Arts, Anthropology)
Ms. Lissa Matyas (GPS, Graduate Recruitment & Retention, Director)
Mr. Roland Nassim (PGSS, President)
Prof. Meyer Nahon (Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Associate Dean, GPS)
Prof. Paola Perez-Aleman (Desautels Faculty of Management)
Ms. Kady Peterson (Education, Undergraduate Student, Senator)
Prof. Roger Prichard (FAES, Institute of Parasitology, Director)
Dr. Phil Smith (Cyclical Unit Review Office, Associate Director)

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • How can we highlight McGill’s existing community outreach activities more effectively to the University community and the community at large? 
  • Where can we do more community outreach activities globally?

"Service to Quebec and Canada"

Co-Chairs: Prof. Raphaël Fischler (Engineering, School of Urban Planning, Director)
Prof. Lisa Bornstein (Engineering, School of Urban Planning)
Work Group Members:
Prof. Kristine Koski (FAES, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Director)
Prof. Pascal Brissette (Arts, French Language and Literature)
Prof. William Straw (Arts, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, Director)
Dr. Judith Potter (School of Continuing Studies, Dean)
Dr. Christophe Bedos, (Dentistry, Oral Health and Society Research Unit)
Prof. Lynn Butler-Kisber (Education, Centre for Education Leadership, Director)
Prof. Ann Macaulay (Medicine, Director, Participatory Research at McGill)
Prof. Sara Laimon (Schulich School of Music, Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs)
Prof. Martin Lechowicz (Science, Gault Nature Reserve, Director)
Prof. Joe Schwarcz (Science, Office of Science and Society, Director)
Ms. Dawn McKinnon (Electronic Resources Librarian, McGill Libraries)
Ms. Gwendolyn Owens (Office of the Associate Provost, Liaison Officer)
Ms. Lori Yersh (DAR, Strategy and Donor Engagement, Managing Director)
Ms. Helen Richard (Deputy Provost Office, Academic Planning Officer)
Mr. Anurag Dhir (Social Equity and Diversity Office, Community Engagement Coordinator)
Ms. Mariève Isable (PGSS VP External, Graduate Student)
Ms. Emily Clare (Undergraduate Student, SSMU Vice President)
Ms. Inna Tarabukhina (Undergraduate Student, Faculties of Arts and Science, Major in Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science)

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • How can we highlight McGill’s existing community outreach activities more effectively to the University community and the community at large? 
  • What are emerging areas for other community outreach activities in Quebec and Canada? 
  • What activities will enhance relationships between the University and stakeholders in Montreal and Quebec?

"Best Practices in Academic Endeavours/Services to Students at McGill"

Chair: Prof. Jane Everett, Dean of Students
Work Group Members:
Dr. Spencer Boudreau (Ombudsperson for the Students)
Dr. Christopher Buddle (FAES, Natural Resources)
Ms. Isabelle Carreau (Planning & Institutional Analysis, Senior Planning Analyst)
Ms. Elizabeth Cawley (Medicine, Psychiatry, PGSS representative, PhD student)
Prof. Lawrence Chen, (Engineering, Associate Dean Academic Affairs)
Ms. Rosemary Cooke, (Dentistry, Manager, Finance and Administration)
Prof. Lisa De Mena Travis (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Associate Dean)
Mr. Frédéric Fovet (Office for Students with Disabilities, Director)
Mr. Sam Gregory (Undergraduate student)
Dr. Namta Gupta (Medicine, Family Medicine, Residency Coordinator, CSSS de la Montagne)
Ms. Maya Kucij (Education Library & Curriculum Resources Centre, Acting Head)
Ms. Chantal Marotte (Science, Chemistry, Graduate Studies Coordinator)
Ms. Sue Reali (Information Systems Resources, Associate Director, Systems Development)
Prof. Emine Sarigöllü (Desautels Faculty of Management, Associate Dean Student Affairs)
Ms. Maria Vasile (Arts, English, Coordinator, Graduate Studies)

Some questions this Work Group was tasked with answering include:

  • What services to graduate students could be improved? 
  • How can we better communicate our need for feedback to students? 
  • Are there other areas of service (or other needs) that would enhance the student experience at McGill?
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