Breaking down the plan

ASAP 2012 was developed according to the following:

  • Three strategic priorities
    During the next five years, three over-arching strategic priorities will inform our efforts and drive our academic decisions. These strategic priorities will be integrated within a multi-year, sustainable budget and compact processes that will guide our choices and enhance excellence in the context of current challenges and also opportunities.

    McGill has already accomplished much with limited resources, however we need to continue to make careful and deliberate choices and trade-offs, and to consider the consequences of our decisions and actions. We will build on existing strengths and invest selectively to promote new and promising areas.
  • Six broad goals
    Broad goals reflect our existing strengths as well as the potential opportunities that will drive areas for improvement, and determine our focus for the next five years. 
  • Three cross-cutting themes
    Cross-cutting themes cut across priorities, goals and objectives, and provide the lens through which to coordinate our plans for achievement over the next five years. 
  • Ten major strategic objectives
    Objectives are defined in terms of rationale, strengths, challenges, strategies and actions that are designed to advance McGill’s leadership among the world’s great universities.
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