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artificial intelligence

AI that can learn patterns of human language

Published: 12Oct2022

Human languages are notoriously complex, and linguists have long thought it would be impossible to teach a machine how to analyze speech sounds and word structures in the way humans do. But...

Why AI needs the Social Sciences

4 Sep 2019

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence technologies has brought an onset of ethical questions for societies to now grapple with. Though the existence of clever machines and humanoid robots has...

Arts Research Workshop - Artificial Intelligence


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Searching for a Safer Cyberworld

14 Nov 2018

A research team at McGill’s School of Information Studies (SIS) is well on its way to creating the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered search engine for assembly code, a tool with great...

Digging into Data: Toward a new understanding of the Arts

6 Jul 2017

While artificial intelligence is infiltrating most areas of our lives and work, many people see it as tool for and of science – largely useful to programmers and data scientists, certainly not for...

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