Finding My Place: A Journey Through Clubs, Support, and Academic Growth at McGill University

Our workstudy communications assistant Kimberley Lord reflects back on her time at McGill.

Reflecting on my undergraduate years at McGill University, I am filled with gratitude for the myriad experiences and people who shaped my journey. From the vibrant campus life and challenging academics to the supportive communities and personal growth, these years have been transformative. Among the highlights were finding my place within student organizations like SACOMSS and receiving invaluable guidance from professors, which ultimately paved the way for my upcoming master's studies. 

  Discovering Community and Purpose Through SACOMSS 

One of the most significant aspects of my time at McGill was finding a sense of belonging and purpose within the Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students' Society (SACOMSS). Joining this organization was a pivotal moment for me. It provided a safe space where I could contribute to a cause I deeply cared about while also finding a supportive community. 

Through SACOMSS, I met incredible individuals who shared my passion for advocacy and support. This experience was profoundly rewarding and instilled in me a sense of purpose and commitment to social justice. 

Academic Guidance and Mentorship 

Academically, my journey at McGill was marked by the support and mentorship of several dedicated professors. Their guidance played a crucial role in helping me navigate the complexities of my studies and discover my academic interests. 

In my second year, I struggled with some challenging courses and felt uncertain about my academic direction. During this time, I contacted my professors for support. Their willingness to provide extra help, offer constructive feedback, and share their own academic journeys was immensely encouraging. If I could go back and talk to myself during these times of doubt and difficulty, I would tell myself that no journey is linear, changing my aspirations does not doom me forever and finding happiness doing something I truly love is way more important than some made up expectation I have for myself. 

Preparing for the Next Chapter: Master's Studies 

As I prepare to embark on my master's studies, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. My undergraduate years have laid a strong foundation, equipping me with the knowledge, skills, and resilience needed for the next phase of my academic journey. I am eager to dive deeper into my chosen field of History, explore new ideas, and continue growing both intellectually and personally. 

The prospect of graduate studies brings with it the opportunity to further refine my research interests and contribute to scholarly discourse. I am particularly excited about the chance to work closely with experts in my field and engage in more specialized and advanced research. This next step is not just about academic growth but also about continuing to learn more about myself and my place in the world. 

My time at McGill University was a period of profound growth and discovery. Finding my place within student organizations like SACOMSS and receiving guidance from supportive professors have been instrumental in shaping my journey.   

As I look forward to this new chapter, I carry with me the lessons learned, the friendships formed, and the knowledge gained. I am excited to continue exploring, learning, and growing, confident that the foundation built during my time at McGill will support me in all my future endeavors. 

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