Applicants from within McGill University (Inter-Faculty Transfer/Intra-Faculty Transfer/ Readmission)

Students presently registered (or who had attended but withdrew before completion of program) at McGill University in another program are welcome to apply to transfer.

There are two types of McGill internal transfer applicants. The Inter-Faculty transfer identifies applicants wishing to transfer from one Faculty to another Faculty within McGill University. The Intra-Faculty transfer identifies applicants wishing to transfer from within the Faculty, in this case, the Faculty of Engineering.

Application deadline: MAY 1.

Document submission deadline: MAY 1.

The B.Sc.(Arch.) program is a limited-enrollment program. Therefore, inter-faculty and intra-faculty transfer students are required to have completed most, if not all, of the following minimum prerequisite courses:

  • One course of differential calculus (MATH 140 or MATH 139)
  • One course of linear algebra (MATH 133)
  • Two courses of science (PHYS 131, and 1-3 credit course at the 100- or 200-level with subject codes of ATOC, COMP, ENVR and EPSC)
  • 13 credits from among any 100- and 200-level courses with the subject codes of AFRI (African Studies), ANTH (Anthropology), ARTH (Art History), CANS (Canadian Studies), CATH (Catholic Studies), CLAS (Classics), COMS (Communication Studies), EAST (East Asian Studies), ECON (Economics), ENGL (English), FREN (French), GEOG (Geography), GSFS (Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice), GERM (German), HISP (Hispanic Studies), HIST (History), INDG (Indigenous Studies), ISLA (Islamic Studies), ITAL (Italian), JWST (Jewish Studies), LING (Linguistics), LLCU (Languages, Literatures and Cultures), MUAR (Music - Arts Faculty), PHIL (Philosophy), POLI (Political Science), PSYC (Psychology), RELG (Religious Studies), RUSS (Russian), SOCI (Sociology).


As admission to architecture is not guaranteed, it is highly recommended that McGill students in other programs follow the curriculum of the program in which they have been admitted. Any modifications should be discussed with their current program Advisor.

Please refer further to the B.Sc.(Arch.) Plan of Study, which is available at:

Application procedures may be found by visiting the Faculty Transfer & Readmission page of the Faculty of Engineering website.

In addition to the required documents listed, applicants to the B.Sc.(Arch.) program must provide the following:

  1. Two letters of recommendation, which can be mailed directly to the School as indicated below, or which can be given to the applicant in a sealed envelope for inclusion with the portfolio.
  2. Curriculum vitae or resume.
  3. Portfolio: The portfolio might include, but is by no means restricted to, the following: freehand drawing, technical drawing, photography, computer graphics, personal composition (poetry, short stories, etc.), or other creative work. The size of the portfolio must be 8½” x 11” (A4) and must include at least 10 samples demonstrating creativity and imagination. Please note that facilities for reviewing material such as slides, audio and videotapes, and CD’s are limited, therefore good quality photocopies or photographs are preferred.

All the above is to be forwarded to:

Mary Lanni-Campoli, Student Advisor/Program Administrator
School of Architecture, McGill University
Macdonald-Harrington Building
815 Sherbrooke St. W., Room 202
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0C2
(Re: McGill Internal transfer application)

Please note: McGill graduates in another discipline will need to apply through the main McGill Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Please visit the Faculty Transfer & Readmission page of the Faculty of Engineering website for further information on Returning/Readmit students. In addition to the instructions provided, students who were enrolled in the B.Sc. (Arch.) program should also contact profdegree.architecture [at] (Mary Lanni-Campoli).

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