I love learning about all the amazing things being done in the McGill community. Hardly a day passes that I do not hear about the outstanding achievements of our students, alumni, faculty or staff. The 2015 Annual Report collects many of these accomplishments from the past year, and reflects the hard work and dedication of all the people who are building McGill’s future. Their drive and achievements energize the University as we continue to focus on five priority areas: student life and learning, research and innovation, community engagement, our work culture, and transforming our physical and virtual campus.

It is a time of both transition and endurance. We are implementing a collective vision that recognizes how the needs of our community are changing—just as our hometown, our country and our world are changing, too. At the same time, we draw strength from knowing that our fundamental values have evolved over the last 200 years and are well anchored in our community. We love learning and discovery. We embrace challenge, and are committed to excellence. We explore new ways of looking at the world, and search for sustainable approaches to how we live and work. We act on our deep responsibility to use our knowledge to serve that world.

Together, we are building a future that is open, connected, and purposeful. We are proud of who we are, and excited about
what McGill is becoming.

Bonne lecture,
Suzanne Fortier, BSc’72, PhD’76
Principal and Vice-Chancellor


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