M.Sc. studies in Animal Science

Students wishing to enroll in a Masters degree can choose either the traditional M.Sc. (thesis) or our M.Sc. Applied (non-thesis) program.

M.Sc. (Research)

Six (6) credits of coursework at the 500 level or higher approved by the student's advisory committee, and three seminar courses are required, as a minimum, although a student may be advised to take additional courses as specified by his or her advisory committee.  The M.Sc. (Thesis) typically takes two years to complete.

A minimum of 45 credits is required for the M.Sc. degree, of which 9 credits are for course work (see above) and 36 credits for the thesis (ANSC-680, 681, 682, 683). An acceptable thesis must be completed based on the candidate's own research. Exceptional M.Sc. students may be considered for Ph.D. status after one full year in the Department.

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Master of Science (M.Sc.) Animal Science (Thesis) (45 Credits)

M.Sc. (Applied) in Animal Science

This non-thesis degree is oriented to undergraduate students inspired by concepts in sustainable and integrated animal agriculture, to animal scientists already working in industry or government, to project leaders interested in animal resource management and to veterinarians. The program provides graduate training in applied areas of animal production with a view towards integrating technology and management in animal production with allied areas of agricultural resource utilization.

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