Animal Therapy at MAC Campus

17 Apr 2024 12:00

Come meet our wonderful Handlers and Dogs who are trained in providing you with comfort and stress relief.

Food Authenticity Seminar Series: Assessing the Authenticity of Grated Grana Padano PDO Cheese

18 Apr 2024 11:30

Foods bearing a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) under European Union legislation are appreciated by consumers worldwide for their distinct sensorial attributes. Grana Padano PDO cheese is made in a restricted geographical area and observing rigorous specifications. The cheese ripens for a minimum 9-month period during which proteolysis proceeds throughout highly repeatable pathways, leading to characteristic peptide and free amino acid profiles in the mature cheese.

Coding Ateliers: R, Python, Matlab, SAS

18 Apr 2024 13:00
Coding Ateliers

As part of CDSI, the Data Science Solutions Hub (DaS2H) offers Coding Ateliers to the entire McGill community, where you can drop-in during atelier hours with your laptop, work on your research project and, whenever you have a question, we would be happy to assist you on the spot. If your question turns out to be a bigger issue that we cannot solve instantly, we will advise you how to best proceed.

John Abbott Sustainability Through Science Symposium

19 Apr 2024 13:00

Held in partnership with the John Abbott College Science Department and the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative, the Sustainability Through Science Symposium features three Macdonald Campus graduate students giving an engaging 10-minute talk about how their research contributes to a more sustainable future. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion on their student experience in university and the career path they have chosen.

Animal Therapy at MAC Campus

24 Apr 2024 12:00

Come meet our wonderful Handlers and Dogs who are trained in providing you with comfort and stress relief.

Mac Grad Support Group

25 Apr 2024 12:00

Do you find it challenging to balance your academics with other aspects of your life? Do you sometimes feel isolated? Do you at times struggle to retain your focus and motivation?

(re)FORMULATION - How can we expand the range of available protein ingredients?

2 May 2024 10:00

Conference and webinar organized by McGill University's Consortium for Research, Innovation, and Transformation of Agri-Food (RITA)

International guest speaker: Dr. Christophe Blecker, Université de Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

***Hybrid format: in-person and online***

Activity Booklet: From Seeds to Trees (2024 edition)

3 May 2024
Come discover the secrets of trees!

The Office of Student Academic Services in collaboration with the Sonia Bujold Initiative and Let’s Talk Science, has put together a lovely free online booklet of self-paced activities on trees.

Lister Science Chats

3 May 2024 13:00

Held by the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative in collaboration with John Abbott College, the Lister Science Chats connect members of the community with researchers from the McGill Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The event features four Macdonald Campus graduate students giving an engaging 10-minute talk about their research and how the discoveries, sometimes unintentional, and techniques of previous scientists made their work possible.

EduGenAI: Shaping Tomorrow's Learning with Generative AI

13 May 2024
14 May 2024


DATE: May 13th & 14th 2024 

LOCATION : Arts Building, room 150, McGill University, 853 Sherbrooke West

Note: On May 13th AM, there will be an Upskill Workshop at Google HQ. Further details will be sent to participants. 

Email address:

EduGenAI Panel: Artificial Intelligence in Teaching

13 May 2024 14:30

Panel Overview: Instructors design and implement the teaching that students experience. This panel will focus on how Generative AI is forcing us to rethink what and how we teach and conduct assessments. Instructors and students from different disciplines will share reflections on their experiences and discuss future directions for teaching in the age of Generative AI.  

Questions explored:  

EduGenAI Panel: Artificial Intelligence in Learning

14 May 2024 11:00

Panel Overview: Students learn in formal and informal settings and ways. Generative AI will challenge our assumptions about the way learning happens and what it means to have learned something. This panel will explore the experiences of instructors and students from different disciplines and look to future directions for learning in the age of generative AI. 

Questions explored:

EduGenAI Panel: Artificial Intelligence in Research

14 May 2024 14:30

Overview: While beliefs regarding the impact of AI on education – both realized and potential – are readily available, what we actually know and understand about such impacts is still quite limited.  This panel will illustrate some of the routes that researchers are taking towards building a better collective understanding necessary for the responsible use of AI in education. 

2024 Future of Food Symposium

16 May 2024 09:00
17 May 2024 17:00

The 2024 Future of Food Symposium aims to highlight innovative discoveries, challenges and perspectives pertaining to the future of the food industry!


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