Gary J. Bennett

Bennett, Gary J. PhD
gary.bennett [at]
Anesthesia and Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University
3655 Prom. Sir William Osler
(514) 398-3432
(514) 398-8241

Research Interests
The focus of my laboratory’s work is on the pathogenesis of painful peripheral neuropathies and the development of new analgesics for the control of neuropathic pain. We use behavioural, anatomical (immunocytochemistry and electron microscopy), and electrophysiological (single nerve fiber recordings) methods to study nerve injury-evoked changes in the pain system. Our emphasis for the past few years has been on the dose-limiting painful peripheral neuropathies produced by chemotherapeutic drugs (e.g., paclitaxel, vincristine, and oxaliplatin). Our data has led to the hypothesis that the fundamental cause of these conditions is a drug effect on mitochondria in primary afferent neurons. To test this idea we have developed functional assays (respiration, ATP production, and membrane permeability transition) for peripheral nerves.

Selected Publications

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