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For Our Residents

Rotation-Specific Reading Lists

Cardiac Anesthesia - (Eight Weeks)

Week 1 - CAD and CABG
Coronary Artery Disease          PDF icon wk_1a_kaplan_04_cad.pdf
Anesthesia for CABG                PDF icon wk_1b_kaplan_13_anes_for_cabg1.pdf

Week 2 - Access and Monitoring
Monitoring                               PDF icon wk_2a_kaplan_09_monitoring1.pdf
Vascular Cannulation               PDF icon wk_2b_us_vascular_cannulation1.pdf 
PAC Review                               PDF icon wk_2c_pac_review1.pdf

Week 3 - Valvular Lesions
Anesthesia for Valves                PDF icon wk_3a_kaplan_14_anes_for_valves1.pdf
AHA Valvular Guidelines           PDF icon wk_3b_aha_valve_guidelines1.pdf
TAVI Review                               PDF icon wk_3c_tavi1.pdf

Week 4 - Anticoagulation and Coagulopathy
Coagulation                             PDF icon wk_4a_kaplan_12_coagulation1.pdf
Transfusion & Coagulopathy   PDF icon wk_4b_kaplan_24_transfusion_coags1.pdf
Heparimon CFB                        PDF icon wk_4c_heparin_sensitivity1.pdf
Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia  PDF icon wk_4d_hit_20101.pdf

Week 5 - Pharmacology of Hemodynamic Support
CV Pharmacology                                PDF icon wk_5a_kaplan_08_cv_pharm1.pdf
Inotropes and Vasopressors Review    PDF icon wk_5b_circulation_inotropes1.pdf

Week 6 - Bypass
Bypass                                    PDF icon wk_6a_kaplan_22_cpb1.pdf
Glycemic Control                    PDF icon wk_6b_glucose_20091.pdf

Week 7 - Echocardiography
Echo Guidelines                      PDF icon wk_7a_echo_guidelines1.pdf
Echo                                        PDF icon wk_7b_kaplan_10_echo1.pdf
Doppler                                   PDF icon wk_7c_doppler_echo1.pdf

Week 8 - Adult Congenital
Adult Congenital #1                PDF icon wk_8a_kaplan_16_adult_congenital1.pdf
Adult Congenital #2                PDF icon wk_8b_adult_congenital_-_anesthesiology1.pdf

Chronic Pain - (Four Weeks)

Week 1 - Chronic Pain Basics
Spinal Cord Mechanism           PDF icon wk_1a_spinal_cord_mechanisms.pdf
Opiod in Chronic Pain              PDF icon wk_1b_opioid_chronic.pdf
Psychology                               PDF icon wk_1c_psychological_-_benzon_24.pdf
Interventional 1                         PDF icon wk_1d_intervention_1_-_benzon_59.pdf
Interventional 2                         PDF icon wk_1e_intervention_2_-_benzon_60.pdf

Week 2 - Post-Surgical Chronic Pain
Post-Surgical Pain                     PDF icon wk_2a_chronic_pain_post-surgery_benzon_35.pdf
Surgical Outcome                      PDF icon wk_2b_chronic_pain_as_outcome.pdf
Chronic Pain Prevention             PDF icon wk_2c_chronic_pain_prevention.pdf
Gabapentinoids                          PDF icon wk_2d_gabapentin_and_pregabalin_review.pdf

Week 3 - Non-Surgical Chronic Pain
Fibromyalgia Guidelines             PDF icon wk_3a_fibromyalgia_guidelines.pdf
Back Pain Overview                     PDF icon wk_3b_back_pain_overview_-_benzon_43.pdf
Myofascial Trigger Points           PDF icon wk_3c_myofascial_trigger_points.pdf

Week 4 - Neuropathic Pain
Pharmacologic Treatment            PDF icon wk_4a_pharm_management_neuropathic.pdf
CRPS Pathophysiology                 PDF icon wk_4b_crps_pathophysiology.pdf
Postherpetic Neuralgia                 PDF icon wk_4c_postherpetic_-_benzon_51.pdf

Difficult Airway


Neuro Anesthesia

Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage                   PDF icon aneurysmal_sah_-_treggiari-_2023.pdf

Carotid endarcterectomy LA vs GA                            PDF icon carotid_endarcterectomy_la_vs_ga-_cochrane-vaniyapong-2013.pdf

Carotid endarterectomy                                                  PDF icon carotid_endarterectomy_-_bevilacqua_-_2022.pdf

Endovascular Treatment of Ischemic Stroke           PDF icon endovasc._tx_ischemic_stroke_-_goyal-_2015.pdf

Guidelines for acute ischemic stroke                        PDF icon guidelines_acute_ischemic_stroke-_aha-_2019.pdf

Hemispheric infarction                                                      PDF icon hemispheric_infarction_-_torbey_-_2015.pdf

Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage                      PDF icon mx_aneurysmal_sah_-_aha-_2023.pdf

Raised intracranial pressure                                           PDF icon mx_raised_icp_-_ropper_-2014.pdf

Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage                     PDF icon mx_spontaneous_intracer._hemorrhage_-_aha-_2022.pdf

Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage                 PDF icon mx_spontaneous_intracer._hemorrh-can._recommendation-_7th_ed-_2020.pdf

Neuromonitoring                                                                 PDF icon neuromonitoring_-_strocchetti_-2013.pdf
Neuroprotection in acute brain injury                          PDF icon neuroprotection_in_acute_brain_injury_-_strocchetti_-_2015.pdf

Regional anesthesia for carotid endarterectomy     PDF icon ra_for_endarterectomy_-_stoneham_-2015.pdf

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - vasospasm                PDF icon sah-vasospasm_-_lannes_-2012.pdf

Obstetric Anesthesia - (Eight Weeks)

Week 1 - Physiologic Changes of Pregnancy
Physiological Changes                           PDF icon wk_1a_datta_01_changes.pdf
Pharmacology in Pregnancy                   PDF icon wk_1b_datta_03_pharmacology.pdf

Week 2 - Labour, Pain and Fetal Monitoring
Labour Pain                                            PDF icon wk_2a_datta_06_pain.pdf
Fetal Monitoring                                     PDF icon wk_2b_datta_11_fetal_monitoring.pdf

Week 3 - Labour Analgesia
Review of Regional Anesthesia               PDF icon wk_3a_nejm-review.pdf
Non-Pharmacological Methods              PDF icon wk_3b_datta_07_non-pharm.pdf
Systemic Methods                                  PDF icon wk_3c_datta_08_systemic.pdf
Regional Techniques                               PDF icon wk_3d_datta_09_neuraxial.pdf

Week 4 - Anesthesia for C-Section
Anesthesia for C-Section                        PDF icon wk_4a_datta_12_c-section.pdf
Complications of Neuraxial Block           PDF icon wk_4b_bja-neuraxial-complications.pdf
Urgent CS Review                                    PDF icon wk_4c_urgent_cs.pdf

Week 5 - Obstetric Complications
Obstetric Complications                          PDF icon wk_5a_datta_15_obstetric_complications.pdf
SOGC Guidelines                                      PDF icon wk_5b_sogc_guidelines.pdf
Obstetric Hemorrhage Review                  PDF icon wk_5c_obstetric_hemorrhage_review.pdf
Placenta Accreta Review                           PDF icon wk_5d_placenta_accreta_review.pdf

Week 6 - Non-Labour & Delivery
Non-Obstetric Surgery Review                 PDF icon wk_6a_non-obstetric_surgery_review.pdf
Non-Delivery OBS                                    PDF icon wk_6b_datta_16_non-delivery_obs.pdf
Non-Obstetric Surgery                             PDF icon wk_6c_datta_17_non-obstetric.pdf

Week 7 - Pregnancy and Co-Existing Disease
Comorbidities                                          PDF icon wk_7a_datta_14_co-existing_disease.pdf
Bleeding Diatheses Review                       PDF icon wk_7b_bleeding_diathesis_review.pdf
Congenital Heart Disease Review             PDF icon wk_7c_congenital_heart_disease_review.pdf

Week 8 - Resuscitation
Neonatal Resuscitation Program                                             PDF icon wk_8a_aap_nrp.pdf
Neonatal Resuscitation Program - Canadian Medications       PDF icon wk_8b_nrp_canadian_meds.pdf
Neonatal Resucitation Program                                               PDF icon wk_8c_datta_13_nrp.pdf
Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy                                                     PDF icon wk_8d_cardiac_arrest.pdf
Maternal Mortality                                                                    PDF icon wk_8e_bja_maternal_mortality.pdf

Pediatric Anesthesia - (Fourteen Weeks)

(Main reference: Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children, Côté, 5th edition)

Week 1 - Pediatric Anesthesia Basics: Physiology 1, Pre-op. Assessment

a) Côté, chap. 1: Intro. to pediatric anesthesia
b) Côté, chap. 2: Pediatric physiology
c) Côté, chap. 4: Pre-op. assessment

Week 2 - Airway 1 and IV access

a) Côté, chap. 12: Pediatric airway
b) Laryngospasm - HAMPSON-EVANS, D. et al., "Pediatric laryngnospasm."
   Pediatric Anesthesia 18.4 (2008): 303-307       PDF icon laryngospasm.pdf
c) Côté, chap. 48: IV access

Week 3 - Pediatric Pharmacology

Côté, chap. 6: Pediatric pharmacology

Week 4 - Final management and Blood Transfusion

a) Côté, chap. 8: Fluid management
b) Côté, chap. 9: Hematology
c) Côté, chap. 10: Transfusion and hemostasis

Week 5 - Procedures 1

a) Côté, chap. 31: ENT procedures
b) Côté, chap. 32: Ophthalmology
c) Côté, chap. 3: Peri-op stress reduction

Week 6 - Procedures 2 and Resuscitation

a) Côté, chap. 27: General surgery and urology
b) Côté, chap. 13: Thoracic surgery
c) Côté, chap. 39: Ressuscitation

Week 7 - Neonatalogy

a) Côté, chap. 35: Neonates
b) Côté, chap. 36: Neonatal emergencies
c) Côté, chap. 23: Anesthesia and the immature brain

Week 8 - Procedures 3 and Resp.

a) Côté, chap. 24: Neurosurgery
b) Côté, chap. 33: Plastic surgery
c) Côté, chap. 11: Pulmonology

Week 9 - Procedures 4 and Medical Conditions 1

a) Côté, chap. 30: Orthopedic surgery
b) Côté, chap. 34: Burns injuries
c) OSA & Sedation - BROWN, Karen. "Pediatric considerations in sedation for patients with the obstructive    sleep apmea syndrome. "  Seminars in Anesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain. Vol. 26. No. 2, 2007.  
 PDF icon osa_and_sedation.pdf

Week 10 - Regional anesthesia

a) Côté, chap. 41: Regional anesthesia (for the blocks, focus on the following ones: spinal, epidural, caudal, ilio-ing, rectus sheath, paravetebral, p.835-853 and p. 859-863)
b) Côté, chap. 42: Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (focus on the following blocks: rectus sheath, ilio-ing/ilio-hypogastric, TAP, paravertebral, caudal, epidural on p. 900-903 and p. 905-907)

Week 11 - Pain Management

Côté, chap. 43: APS

Week 12 - Medical Conditions 2

a) Côté, chap. 40: MH
b) Côté, chap. 22: Neurological conditions

Week 13 - Pediatric Physiology 2 and Cardiac pathology

a) Côté, chap. 14: Cardiology (stop reading at p. 316)
b) Côté, chap. 16: Cardiac physiology, CHD and pharmacology

Week 14 - Off-site anesthesia

a) Côté, chap. 45: Remote location
b) Côté, chap. 46: PACU
c) Côté, chap. 47: Sedation

Regional Anesthesia - (Four Weeks)

Week 1- Regional Basics & Nerve Localization
Anatomy of Pain                                       PDF icon wk_1a_anatomy_of_pain_-_kaye_4.pdf
CPNB Review                                             PDF icon wk_1b_cpnb_review_2011.pdf
CPNB vs Opioids                                       PDF icon wk_1c_cpnb_vs_opioid_liu_06.pdf
Nerve Stim Review                                   PDF icon wk_1d_nerve_stim_review_2012.pdf
US Concepts and Future Trends                PDF icon wk_1e_us_concepts_and_trends_2010.pdf

Week 2 - Upper Extremity
Local Anesthetic Pharmacology                 PDF icon wk_2a_pharmacology_-_kaye_5.pdf
Upper Extremity Blocks                              PDF icon wk_2b_upper_extremity_blocks_-_kaye_13.pdf
Upper Limb Review                                      PDF icon wk_2c_upper_limb_review_cja.pdf
Shoulder & Upper Arm Review                     PDF icon wk_2d_shoulder_review_2012.pdf

Week 3 - Lower Extremity
Lower Extremity Review                               PDF icon wk_3a_le_review_enneking_05.pdf
Lower Extremity Review 2                            PDF icon wk_3b_le_review_cja_2007.pdf
Femoral Nerve Block in TKA                         PDF icon wk_3c_fnb_tka_meta.pdf

Week 4 - Complications
LAST Practice Advisory                                  PDF icon wk_4a_asra_last_2010.pdf
LAST Treatment                                             PDF icon wk_4b_last_2010.pdf
Regional in the Infected Patient                      PDF icon wk_4c_regional_in_the_febrile.pdf
Anticoagulation Guidelines                            PDF icon wk_4d_asra_anticoagulation_guidelines.pdf

Thoracic Anesthesia - (Six Weeks)

Week 1 - Patient Evaluation and Surgical Risk
Preop Assessment                                           PDF icon wk_1a_slinger_02_preop_assessment.pdf
COPD|                                                              PDF icon wk_1b_copd.pdf
Pulmonary Complications                                PDF icon wk_1c_prediction_of_pulmonary_complications.pdf
Acute Lung Injury                                             PDF icon wk_1d_ali_after_resection.pdf

Week 2 - Lung Isolation (Indications & Techniques)
Lung Isolation                                                  PDF icon wk_2a_slinger_16_lung_isolation.pdf
Isolation with Difficult Airways                        PDF icon wk_2b_slinger_17_isolation_with_diff_aw.pdf
Right-side DLT                                                  PDF icon wk_2c_rightdltslinger.pdf
Choosing DLT                                                    PDF icon wk_2d_choosing_dlt.pdf

Week 3 - One Lung Ventilation
OLV & Lateral Physiology                                   PDF icon wk_3a_slinger_05_lateral_olv_physiology.pdf
OLV Management                                               PDF icon wk_3b_slinger_06_olv_management.pdf
OLV Hypoxia                                                       PDF icon wk_3c_olv_hypoxia.pdf

Week 4 - Pain Management
Pain Management                                               PDF icon wk_4a_slinger_46_pain_management.pdf
Thoracic Epidural Risks                                      PDF icon wk_4b_thoracic_epidural_risks.pdf
Thoracic Epidural Review                                    PDF icon wk_4c_thoracic_epidural_review.pdf
Paravertebral Block                                              PDF icon wk_4d_paravertebral_blocks_-_are_they_worth_it.pdf

Week 5 - Complex Cases & Emergencies
Anterior Mediastinal Masses                               PDF icon wk_5a_slinger_14_anterior_mass.pdf
Esophageal Surgery                                             PDF icon wk_5b_slinger_30_anesthesia_for_esophageal.pdf
Arrhythmias                                                         PDF icon wk_5c_arrhythmias.pdf
Cardiac Herniation                                               PDF icon wk_5d_cardiac_herniation.pdf

Week 6 - VATS and Robotic Assisted Surgery
Anesthesia for VATS                                            PDF icon wk_6a_slinger_23_anesthesia_for_vats.pdf
Robotic Assisted Surgery                                     PDF icon wk_6b_slinger_31_robotic_assisted.pdf
Robotic Review                                                     PDF icon wk_6c_robotic_thoracic_surgery_update.pdf
VATS Update                                                         PDF icon wk_6d_thoracoscopic_surgery_update.pdf
Hypoxemia                                                            PDF icon wk_6e_minimally_invasive_hypoxia.pdf



MUHC - Pain Management Resources

  1. PDF icon muhc_pain_management_resources_-_adult.pdf

  2. PDF icon muhc_pain_management_resources_-_pediatric.pdf

  3. PDF icon pain_quick_tips-anesthesia_v3.pdf





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