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Auclair, Karine

Synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, biochemistry

Mechanisms and inhibitors of resistance, new antimicrobials and alternatives such as bacterio-modulators

Baris, Enis

Global health and healthcare policy, health system governance and evaluation, strategic and managerial corporate leadership

Economic and public health policy for HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and AMR

Behr, Marcel

Infectious disease, microbiology (mycobacteria), molecular epidemiology, genomics, infection pathogenesis, BSL3 lab

Anti-mycobacterial drug discovery, diagnostics

Berghuis, Albert

Structural biology, computational biology, enzymology

Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, drug design, development of next-generation antibiotics

Castagner, Bastien

Drug Discovery, chemical biology, carbohydrate chemistry, microbiome therapeutics

Therapeutics for C. difficile, prebiotics and gut microbiome manipulation for infection prevention

Chantal, Jasmine

Undergraduate science education (including Tiny Earth), RNA biology and virology

Discovery of novel antibiotic producing soil bacteria through the Tiny Earth initiative

Cheng, Matthew

Infectious diseases, medical microbiology, clinical trials, infectious disease diagnostics

Antimicrobial therapeutics clinical trials

Cousineau, Benoit

Molecular-biology and genetics of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria

Production of AMP by probiotics and activity against various human pathogens

Findlay, Brandon

Clinical Microbiology, Natural Product Chemistry, Laboratory Evolution, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

Factors that determine the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in the clinic and the natural environment, and in chemical ecology.

Gold, Richard

Intellectual property, market failure

Open science innovation, drug discovery

Gruenheid, Samantha

Bacterial pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions, mouse infection models

Education, undergraduate Tiny Earth project for antimicrobial discovery

Hart, Adam

Orthopedic surgery, prosthetic joint infections, animal infection models

Novel approaches and biomaterials for the prevention of post-operative infections

Hebert Terry

G-protein coupled receptors and signaling, pharmacology, drug discovery

Cell signaling mechanisms, drug discovery, AMR, science education

Juncker, David

Micro and nano bioengineering technologies, Lab-on-a-chip and Microfluidics

Microfluidics, multiplexed diagnostic technologies

Kristof, Arnold

Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Host Immunity

Nutrition and Metabolism, Pneumonia, Nosocomial Infections

Langlais, David

Functional and single-cell genomics, bioinformatics, genome editing, molecular biology, immunology, inflammation, and infectious diseases

Mechanisms of host defenses against infections, novel therapeutic targets to treat inflammatory diseases and to circumvent antimicrobial resistance

Lupien, Andreanne

Bacteriology in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and drug development

Anti-mycobacterial resistance and drug discovery

Maurice, Corinne


Bacteriophages, gut microbiota, microbial interactions

McKeague, Maureen

Nucleic acid-based biosensors and therapeutics

Bacterial riboswitches and inhibitors

Moitessier, Nicolas

Computational and medicinal chemistry, in silico drug screening and prediction (drug binding and catalyst design)

Antimicrobial drug discovery

Nguyen, Dao

Bacterial genetics, Gram negative, biofilms, Pseudomonas microbiology, pathogenesis and animal infection models, respiratory medicine, translational research

Antibacterial mode-of-action, mechanism of resistance, novel antibacterial, adjuvants and biomaterials

Ortega, Joaquin

Structural biology, cryo-electron microscopy

Antibiotic targets and drug discovery, bacterial ribosome biogenesis

Reed, Michael

Bacteriology, molecular microbiology, mycobacterial genetics, BSL3 pathogen research

Mechanisms of resistance, MDR (M. tuberculosis)

Reyes, Rodrigo

Fluorescence microscopy, Genome integrity, Cell biology of bacteria

Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in a cellular context, antibiotic targets in DNA duplication enzymes

Ronholm, Jennifer

One Health, food and environmental microbiology, microbiome, microbial genomics

Animal microbiome , AMR transmission, One Health, antibiotic use in agriculture, food safety

Rosenzweig, Derek

Biomaterial and bioprinting, tissue engineering, drug delivery, orthopedic implants

Antibacterial biomaterials

Schmeing, Martin

Structural biology and in vitro biochemistry of AMR-relevant enzymes

Non-ribosomal peptide synthesis of antimicrobials, AMR-relevant enzymes

Semret, Makeda

Infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, antimicrobial stewardship, global health

Local and global antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic use and microbiome, education

Sheppard, Donald

Mycology, fungal pathogenesis, biofilms, anti-fungal therapeutics and diagnostics

Novel anti-biofilm therapy, fungal diagnostics

Thanabalasuriar, Ajitha

Host-pathogen interactions, intra-vital microscopy, innate immunity, biofilms

Novel therapeutics

Thibodeaux, Chris

Structural and chemical biology, enzymology, mass spectrometry

Antimicrobial natural products, biofilms, drug discovery

Thomassin, Paul

Agricultural and environmental economics, macroeconomics of food and agriculture policies, food safety

Economic burden of AMR, in the context of agriculture and food

Tufenkji, Nathalie

Water resource, particle-surface interactions, natural products, nanotechnology

Antimicrobial natural products and materials, antibiotic potentiators, biofilms

Waldispuhl, Jerome

Machine learning/ AI, structural bioinformatics

Bacterial RNA structure and binding prediction, citizen science, computational drug discovery

Whyte, Lyle

Polar microbial ecology environmental microbiology and genomics, microbiome,

Bioprospecting of polar bacteria for novel antimicrobials

Zhao, Xin

Environmental and animal health, microbiome, microbiology, host-microbe interactions

AMR transmission, antibiotic use and stewardship in farm animals. Microbiome, Staph aureus in milk and poultry

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