AMR Centre Members by surveillance and prevention theme.




Baris, Enis

Global health and healthcare policy, health system governance and evaluation, strategic and managerial corporate leadership

Economic and public health policy for HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and AMR

Bayen, Stephan

Analytical chemistry, modeling, ecological & human health risk assessments

Antibiotic contamination in food chain and natural environment

Copaescu, Ana

Drug and antibiotic allergy, immunology

Drug allergy immune-mediated hypersensitivity reactions with an interest for antimicrobial stewardship

Faucher, Sebastien

Bacterial genetics, host-pathogen interactions in Salmonella Typhi, Legionella pneumophila

Bacterial Pathogens in non-clinical environments, novel antimicrobials

Fontela, Patricia

Critical care medicine, epidemiology, outcomes research, infection control and surveillance

Hospital acquired AMR infection, antibiotic overuse, stewardship, surveillance in hospital setting

Frenette, Charles

Infectious diseases, Infection Control

Antibiotic stewardship, infection control and hospital-based AMR surveillance

Frigon, Dominique

Environmental microbiology, microbiome

Surveillance, diagnostics, modeling of environmental AMR microbiomes, wastewater

Gold, Richard

Intellectual property, market failure

Open science innovation, drug discovery

Gonzalez, Andrew

Ecology, experimental evolution, biodiversity

AMR evolution, experimental evolution under selection with antibiotics in ecologically complex environments

Juncker, David

Micro and nano bioengineering technologies, Lab-on-a-chip and Microfluidics

Microfluidics, multiplexed diagnostic technologies

Kassen, Rees

Evolutionary ecology, genetics of microbes, experimental evolution, Pseudomonas microbiology

Evolution and spread of resistance, evolutionary repeatability of resistance targets, microbial diversification

Longtin, Yves

Clinical research, infection prevention and control and transmission dynamics in the healthcare setting.

Research interest in infection prevention and control and AMR

Loo, Vivian

Infectious diseases, infection control, epidemiology, C. diff infection

Infection transmission and control

Lu, Xiaonan

Microbiology, Campylobacter, microbial ecology and physiology, food synthetic biology, biosensor and biophotonic technologies

Food microbiology and safety, innovative technologies for food safety and AMR, AMR evolution, pathogenesis of agri-food and public health pathogens

Maurice, Corinne


Bacteriophages, gut microbiota, microbial interactions

Merckx, Joanna

Diagnostic methods for surveillance, infectious disease and social epidemiology

Infectious diseases and AMR epidemiology, public and global health

Pai, Madhu

Epidemiology, TB, global health, diagnostics, implementation

Drug resistant TB, antibiotic use in India

Pepenburg, Jesse

Epidemiology, diagnostics, infectious diseases, respiratory viruses

Infectious disease diagnostics, biomarkers and microbiome

Reed, Michael

Bacteriology, molecular microbiology, mycobacterial genetics, BSL3 pathogen research

Mechanisms of resistance, MDR (M. tuberculosis)

Ronholm, Jennifer

One Health, food and environmental microbiology, microbiome, microbial genomics

Animal microbiome , AMR transmission, One Health, antibiotic use in agriculture, food safety

Semret, Makeda

Infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, antimicrobial stewardship, global health

Local and global antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic use and microbiome, education

Shapiro, Jesse

Evolutionary biology and genomics, computational and systems biology, pathogen evolution and interactions with microbiome

Evolution of AMR

Thomassin, Paul

Agricultural and environmental economics, macroeconomics of food and agriculture policies, food safety

Economic burden of AMR, in the context of agriculture and food

Weiss, Karl

Infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, infection control, clinical trials, epidemiology

Therapeutic clinical trials, infection control, AMR and stewardship in hospital settings

Yansouni, Cedric

Infectious and tropical diseases, global health, clinical microbiology, diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics, vulnerable and indigenous populations, global health, AMR diagnostics at Summer institute

Yue, Stephen

Metallurgical and materials characterization, alloy and metallic materials design and processing

Anti-microbial coatings

Zhao, Xin

Environmental and animal health, microbiome, microbiology, host-microbe interactions

AMR transmission, antibiotic use and stewardship in farm animals. Microbiome, Staph aureus in milk and poultry

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