Upcoming Meetings & Events

Join us for a virtual illuminate workshop on:

"Image Management, Sharing, Publication and Analysis in OMERO"

A a 2x4 hours interactive workshop with lots of time for hands-on

Date: February 18-19th, 2021, 9am - 1pm

Registration is closed as of Feb 16, 2021






“Understand and Transform your Work Culture”

First Canadian workshop on Scientific Platform culture

Like companies, scientific platforms have their own internal life and culture. Under the professional guidance of culture consultant Talitha Ceres, KOUM, this workshop will explore the company culture of core facility scientists, administrators and managers.

Date and Location:  

The April 3rd workshop had to be suspended due to the COVID19 shutdown of the university. A new date will be announced as soon as Public Health agencies allow us to r-open.

Cost: $150 plus applicable tax (includes all workshop material, two coffee breaks and a cold lunch)
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