Fee Structure

The ABIF aims to keep our fees as low as possible to ensure researchers have access to the technologies and expertise they need to perform high quality science.

The ABIF spends over $100k a year on service contracts for Imaris support and updates and maintenance of the microscopes to keep them in good condition for our users research.

Did you know that the ABIF staff salaries are 100% funded by user fees and grants?



McGill Power User

25% Off Internal User Rate

Internal User

Outside Academic


>200 Hours of use

Evaluated each January

Payment with FOAPAL Required

Internal User Rate + 30%

Data Analysis Workstations (Imaris, MetaMorph, Deconvolution)




Wide Field Microscope




Spinning Disk/TIRF




Laser Scanning Confocal (LSM710, LSM800, SP8, Stellaris 5)




Stellaris 8 STED/FLIM




Lattice Lightsheet Microscope




Training & Technical Support




Custom Image Analysis Support




Full-Service Microscopy




Imaris Satellite Licenses (limited availability)

2-day: $70, 3-day: $100, 7 day: $225


Opera Phenix Fees

User Rate Outline

GCI-affiliated internal McGill

$30/hr for the first 8hrs, $6/hr for each subsequent hour

Internal McGill (grant-funded)

$35/hr for the first 8hrs, $7/hr for each subsequent hour

Internal McGill- Early Booking Access (industry contract or academic research unit)

$40/hr for the first 8hrs, $8/hr for each subsequent hour

[Incentive- 2-week early booking access]

External (non-McGill)

$45/hr per hour for the first 8hrs, $9/hr for each subsequent hour

External Corporate Users

$200/hr, $65/hr additional training or technical support fee when appropriate. $100/hr to the ABIF and $100/hr to the GCI


Initial training sessions usually last about 3 hours and include the hourly microscope fee plus the technical support fee.

IMPORTANT: ALL training and technical support is by appointment ONLY and will depend on the availability of the ABIF staff.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE ABIF "Images were collected and/or image processing and analysis for this manuscript was performed in the McGill University  Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF), RRID:SCR_017697."

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