Advanced BioImaging Facility

The ABIF has been assisting researchers across Montreal for 10 years running. With a wide selection of instrument platforms to choose from, the ABIF can assist you with your experiments and its specific requirements and needs. E-mail us for a consultation or apply for training today!

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Imaging Scientists

Learn more about the People behind the Science of BioImaging.

The Imaging Scientist Project seeks to celebrate, recognize, and better understand Imaging Scientists.


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Monthly seminar series on Microscopy techniques

Topic of Nov 21, 2018: "The Antibody Crisis: Leveraging Machine Learning for evidence-based antibody search"

Wine & cheese afterwards, everybody is welcome!


Three Platforms:
One Team

The ABIF, CFTRc, and CIAN are now under the same management! Request training for microscopy assistance and the facility staff will assess your research needs and place you with the platform that is best suited for what you need.


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The ABIF features over a dozen high-end microscopes with services that range from fluorescence correlation microscopy (FCS) to live cell imaging and image processing. Take a look at our Equipment page below to see if we have something that suits your needs.


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Green Light Microscopy

All our microscopes now run their fluorescence imaging on economically and environmentally friendly LED illumination sources with zero compromise to our researchers projects. This initiative was made possible through collaboration with the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF).

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Over 35 years of combined microscopy experience

Welcome to the Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF) - Our in-depth, hands-on training in conjunction with expert advice will accelerate any light microscopy research project. Join us for a consultation about your specific needs and become part of the microscopy community of students, scientists, and staff. To learn about the facility, explore the links on this page or visit our About Us or Contact Us page for more information.


Every training request begins with a one-on-one consultation with one of our microscopy experts. All you have to do is bring your information and an ABIF consultant will advise you on sample preparation, imaging protocols, and analysis.

The ABIF plays host to over a dozen microscopy and analysis platforms. The facility prides itself on keeping up with the latest technology available on the market to maintain pace with scientific breakthroughs. 

Every microscopy platform in the facility runs on economically and environmentally friendly LED illumination sources. The ABIF is completely free of hazardous mercury in an effort to make the facility a sustainable branch of scientific application.



























Acknowledging the ABIF


Don't forget to acknowledge the ABIF on your publications. Here is a suggested text:

"Images were collected and/or image processing and analysis for this manuscript was performed in the McGill University Life Sciences Complex Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF)".

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