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University Teaching Labs Working Group (UTLWG)


The University Teaching Labs Working Group (UTLWG) endeavors to enhance teaching and learning at McGill by creating a vision for university teaching lab development that is aligned with University strategic directions. Its mandate is to:

  1. Identify needs for teaching laboratories.
  2. Establish pedagogical and technical principles for the renovation and upgrade of teaching laboratories.
  3. Establish priorities for improvements (upgrades, repairs) to teaching laboratories across the University, and new teaching laboratories.
  4. Position the University to benefit from funding opportunities that may arise (e.g. through Campaign McGill). 
  5. Recommend funding for the creation, upgrade and maintenance of teaching laboratories and related equipment.
  6. Contribute to submissions to MESRST (formerly MELS) for the plan quinquennal regarding facilities development.


    Adam Finkelstein

    Teaching and Learning Services (Chair)

    Chuck Adler

    University Services (Vice-Chair)

    Lucyna Lach

    Faculty of Arts

    Alan Watson

    Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

    Jean-Paul Rémillieux

    School of Continuing Studies

    Samer Abi-Nader

    Faculty of Dentistry

    Alain Breuleux

    Faculty of Education

    Mohamed Meguid

    Faculty of Engineering

    Véronique Bélanger

    Faculty of Law

    Christine Tutt

    Desautels School of Management

    Michael Guevara

    Faculty of Medicine

    Julie Cumming

    Peter Wightman

    Schulich School of Music

    Graham Bell

    Faculty of Science

    David N. Harpp



    Religious Studies

    Katie Larson

    SSMU representative

    Laura Winer

    Teaching and Learning Services


    Jennie Ferris

    Project Administrator, Teaching and Learning Services

    Nancy St-Pierre

    Senior Administrative Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Services

    Ryan Ortiz

    Director, IST Customer Services

    Leslie Chalmers

    Class Scheduling Services, Enrolment Services

    Luc Roy

    Director, Building Operations, Facilities Operations and Development

    Lorraine Mercier

    Director, Design Services, Facilities Operations and Development

    Tanja Beck

    Office for Students with Disabilities