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SPF: Energy

Gault Electric ATV (SP0016)

Status: COMPLETED November 2010 - April 2011

The Gault Nature Reserve (GNR) in Mont-Saint-Hilaire of McGill University is a private conservation reserve that protects the primeval forests of the St. Lawrence Valley. Its multitude of walking trails throughout the reserve is a year-round tourist attraction, receiving up to a few thousand visitors on a given day. Due to its large size, the daily maintenance on the GNR is mostly done by ATV’s.

Electric Low-Speed Vehicle (SP0011)

Status: ON HOLD September 2010

The primary purpose of our Ford pick-up trucks is to plow snow.  For the surface area we need to plow and the amount of snow we need to move requires that we use a heavy-duty vehicle.  In addition the vehicle must be manufactured and specially prepared by the manufacturer to accommodate the loads placed on the vehicle by snow plowing.

La Cave Bike Collective (SP0005)

Status: COMPLETED August 2010 - September 2010

La Cave is a volunteer-run bike collective located at McGill University’s Solin Hall Residence. Established in August 2010 with funding from the Sustainable Projects Fund, La Cave provides residents with free access to tools and expertise for bike maintenance and repair, and promotes cycling as a sustainable, affordable, and fun way to travel in Montreal.