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SPF: Energy

Gault Electric ATV 2 (SP0075)

Status: ONGOING May 2012 - present

From the initial application: The opportunity for this project arose when the McGill Gault Nature Reserve (GNR) in Mont-Saint-Hilaire proposed a mechanical engineering project (MECH 463). The mission is to help them reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with a less environmentally-harmful electric ATV to perform their every day maintenance tasks.

Mercury Free Microscopy (SP0091)

Status: ONGOING December 2012 - present

From the initial application: The Life Science Complex Imaging Facility (Physiology), the Cell Imaging and Analysis Network (CIAN, Biology) and the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) microscopy core have eleven microscopes with mercury based light sources that they would like to eliminate. The facilities would like to migrate to newer sustainable, energy efficient, mercury free light engines. 

Food & Dining GHG Audit (SP0090)

Status: ONGOING December 2012 - present

The Audit hopes to foster ann efficient and consistent waste, water, and energy management system across all McGill Food and Dining Services’ residence cafeterias. 

(From the Results Report and Action Plan)

Farm Fresh Truck (SP0079)

Status: ON GOING May 2012 - present

The McGill feeding McGill project, the Macdonald Campus Farm and McGill Food and Dining Services are building part of a sustainable food system at McGill.

Biodiesel Production (SP0070)

Status: ONGOING March 2012 - present

The McGill Food and Dining Serves (MFDS) produces approximately 14000 liters of waste vegetable oil (WVO) per year. Disposal of this oil represents a loss of a valuable commodity: WVO contains an amount of chemical energy comparable to crude oil.

MEP Interns (SP0067)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2012

From the initial application: The McGill Energy Project is a student-led cooperation of students, faculty and staff working together to find ways to use the McGill University Campus as a living laboratory for applied research with the objective of developing energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Biodigester Feasibility (SP0082)

Status: ONGOING May 28 2012 - present

Macdonald has the benefit of an organic waste stream comprising both food waste from campus buildings and farm waste. This duality makes Mac an ideal location for research and experimentation with anaerobic digestion applicable to both municipalities and farm operations. 

Addressing Business Travel Behaviour (SP0061)

Status: COMPLETED January 2012 - April 2012

Transportation Research at McGill (TRAM) is presently researching the travel behaviour of McGill University students, faculty and staff. This student-led initiative, in collaboration with the McGill Sustainability Office, is conducting a survey which aims to discover how the McGill community commutes to and from campus.

Home Energy Team (SP0059)

Status: COMPLETED November 2011 - May 2013

The Off-Campus Home Energy Team is a student effort to bridge the on-campus and off-campus experience of others living in the sometimes freezing cold but beautiful city of Montreal. The basic idea is that students living in apartments near campus sign up for a visit from a knowledgeable OCHET student team to help them reduce energy bills and live more comfortably through the winter.

Green Biobanking (SP0051)

(Original Timeline: ) August 2011 - September 2012
(Extended Timeline: ) August 2011 - August 2014

Excerpt from the 2013 impact analysis: Determined that the laboratory refrigerators and freezers in the McIntyre and Bellini buildings consume approximately 27,107 kWh and $65,000 annually.