Research Innovation Office

Welcome!  RIO's goal is to:

  1. Promote interdisciplinary research collaborations and boost associated funding;
  2. Explain tech transfer and IP-related topics, encourage pro-active practices for more successful commercialization;
  3. Foster the entrepreneurial mindset.

How? Identify inventions, encourage timely disclosure, Fessenden Professorships and Prizes in Innovation, GIG - Entrepreneurship, Science-based

CONGRATULATIONS to Winners in the 2013 Fessenden competitions!

Fessenden Prizes (Graduate category):

  • Etienne Low-Decarie [BioFert: Biological assay for the measurement of soil nutrient status and fertilization requirements]
  • Audrey MacLeod [A Novel Imaging Detector for the Localization of Radiation]

Fessenden Professorships

  • 1st Prize: Jerome Waldispuhl
    A crowdsourcing platform for analyzing big data in personalized genomic and pharmaceutical research
  • 2nd Prize: Karine Auclair
    Prodrug inhibitors of aminoglycoside acetyltransferases as agents to block resistance to aminoglycoside antibiotics



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