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Talks resume with AMURE

Talks resumed on August 29 with the return of members of both negotiating teams.  

The University presented article 15 on posting, appointments and reappointments, and article 16 on probationary period. The union reviewed the University’s proposed English and French texts and suggested some changes that will be included for ratification at the next meeting. 

Published: 6 Sep 2012

McGill Faculty Recipients of the Royal College 2012 Regional Awards for Quebec

Research and International Relations would like to congratulate Dr. Ann E. Clarke and Dr. Lucie Lessard for winning the Royal College 2012 Regional Awards:


2012 Mentor of the Year
Ann E. Clarke MD, MSc, FRCPC 

Dr. Ann Clarke is a Professor in the Divisions of Clinical Immunology/ Allergy and Clinical Epidemiology in the Department of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal. 


Published: 6 Sep 2012