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Bravo to McGill's prizes and awards winners!

For ten years running, McGill has celebrated its own at an annual event called Bravo.

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In Her Own Words

On April 15, three of McGill’s most accomplished women researchers will share experiences and advice on advancing a career in academia or academic administration.

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A global community

McGill is one of the most international universities in the world. Learn more about RIR's international mandate.

Brain development controlled by epigenetic factor

McGill researchers discover the importance of a key epigenetic regulator for learning, memory and neural stem cells.

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In research news...

Ground breaking epigenetics research on ants has implications for everything from cancer to farming. 

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A very special visitor

In February, RIR hosted Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne.

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Let's work together

Accelerate your business and drive innovation by building a relationship with McGill. 

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McGill Research and International Relations (RIR)

McGill research has an enormous impact here in Montreal, across Quebec and Canada, and all around the world. Browse our videosnews releases, breakthroughsinnovationsRSS feeds and this very website to find out how.

This site provides key research guidelines and other information for McGill researchers and students, as well as industry members and our other partners. If you have any questions or comments about this site, please use our Feedback form.