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Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)
OSR Checklist & Other Forms The OSR Checklist is a shared tool that captures the roles and responsibilities of PI, Department, Faculty, and OSR. It also assists in the assessment of availability of resources as well as assists in data collection and reporting.

Research Policies and Regulations

Research Administration Roles and Responsibilities This document was developed by an internal working group, the Tri-Agency Response Implementation Group (TRIG), in response to the first recommendation of the Final Report of the Tri-Agency Financial Monitoring Review, that the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the management of research grant funds mu

Updated Templates for Research Associates’ & Assistants’ Appointments, Reappointments and Postings

Tue, 2013-06-25 11:39

Sent on behalf of Labour & Employee Relations, Human Resources

Updated Templates for Research Associates’ & Assistants’ Appointments, Reappointments and Postings

As part of the implementation of the AMURE collective agreements, we recently distributed and placed on our website templates of offer letters for Research Associates, Regular Research Assistants and Casual Research Assistants. Based on the input of users, we are now issuing updated versions of these offer letters in both English and French.

Contact Information

Contact: Denis Gauthier
Organization: Labour & Employee Relations
Office Phone: 514-398-7342
Source Site: /research

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions received in the day-to-day conduct of research administration. It will also be used for questions raised during the RAN sessions.

Delegation of Signing Authority

Prior to May 15th, 2013, a PI delegated signing authority on his funds and the form was submitted to Transaction Services.

Government of Canada Links

To assist RAN members, we have assembled a list of links to commonly-used web resources. This list will continue to evolve over time.

Associate Vice-Principal

Sarah Stroud

Prof. Sarah Stroud became Associate Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) in May 2012. 

Prof. Stroud, who also serves McGill as Associate Professor of Philosophy, joined McGill’s faculty in 1993, after completing an AB in philosophy at Harvard and a PhD in philosophy at Princeton. 

Research Integrity

The University, as the steward of public funds in support of research, is governed not only by its own internal policies, but also the requirements of our funding partners.

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