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McGill School of Environment Graduate Option


Students accepted to the Ph.D. program in Philosophy may register for the Environment Option with the permission of the Graduate Advisory Committee. The deadline for the completion of all coursework and the candidacy paper for these students will be extended six months from the normal deadline in order to accommodate the 9 credit additional course credits required for the option.

Please click here for more information about the McGill School of Environment Graduate Option.

Graduate Option in Gender & Women’s Studies

The Graduate Option in Gender & Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program for students who meet degree requirements in Philosophy (and other participating departments and faculties) who wish to earn 9 additional credits of approved coursework focusing on gender and women’s studies, and issues in feminist research and methods. The student’s doctoral thesis must be on a topic centrally relating to issues of gender and/or women’s studies.

Please click here for more information about the Graduate Option in Gender & Women's Studies.