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The McGill Nanotools microfab (MNM) is a shared facility serving academic, industrial and government researchers in micro- and nano-technology. The MNM can be seen as a machine shop of the 21st century where trained users come to build devices related to their research.

The lab is equipped with 40+ standard semiconductor micro- and nano-microfabrication tools.

SEM image of InN nanowires grown directly on Si substrates by molecular beam epi

Research @ MNM

Over 50 researchers and 200 students made use of the facility since its inauguration with project spanning a wide range of disciplines and applications.

Oxygen Sensor Microarrays on Dye-Doped PDMS Microlenses

Labmembers' Portal

The place where labmembers and prospective users will find valuable and technical information about equipments and processes available at the MNM.

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