The McGill Nanotools - Microfab is a 150mm compatible lab. It is equipped with standard and specialized Micro and Nanofabrication equipment.


  • Contact Broadband UV (<1um): EVG620
  • Electron Beam Litho (<30nm): TESCAN Mira
  • UV laser maskless direct write (1um):Dilases 650
  • Thermal Probe AFM Lithography (<20nm): Heidenburg-Nanofrazor Explore

Thin films

  • Ebeam Evaporator (Ag,Ni,Au,Ti,Cr,Pd,Pt,Al,SiO2,SiO,...) : BJD, Nexdep
  • DC and RF sputter (SiO2,SiN,ITO,Ti,Cr,Mo,Zr,Au,Au,Al,SiC...): Denton Explore, Angstrom Engineering-Amode
  • Spin Coater: Laurell Technology
  • Spray Coater: EVG 101
  • Atomic layer deposition: VECCO Fiji G2
  • Parylene coater: SCS 200


  • DRIE: Oxford instrument Plasma Pro 100 Estrelas
  • RIE (HBr, Cl2, CF4, CHF3, SF6, O2, Ar...): AM5000
  • ICP for III, IV (Cl2, BCl 3, SiCl4, CH4, H2, Ar, SF6, CF4, O2 ): Plasma Therm APEC SLR
  • XeF2 isotropic etch: Xactix E2
  • HF wet bench
  • Acid/Base wet bench
  • KOH/TMAH wet bench
  • Solvent wet¬†bench

Packaging and Assembly:

  • Wafer bonder (Anodic, Direct, Adhesive Eutectic): EVG501
  • Dicing saw: Disco 3240
  • WireBonder: WestBond 747677E


  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometry:Sopra GES-5E
  • White light interferometer:Wylo Optical Profiler
  • Optical microscopes: Ziess, Olympus
  • Reflectometer: Nanospec
  • Stress measurement: Flexus Stress
  • Sheet resistance
  • Probe station
  • Stylus Profilometer: Ambois, DEKTAK-XT


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