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Photo - John Kelsey

Photo - John Kelsey

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The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program provides academically talented yet economically disadvantaged young people with access to a world-class university education. In all, The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill will welcome 91 Scholars from Sub-Saharan Africa, including 24 at the Master’s level. Unique to McGill, some Scholars are from French-speaking countries and will receive intensive English language training before starting their degree programs.

A central goal of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to create a globally educated and highly qualified group of future leaders, who, upon graduation, can return to Africa to help foster the region’s development. Toward these ends, McGill complements the Scholars’ education with a comprehensive support system that includes mentorship, tailored support services, community service opportunities and sustained programming relevant to their personal development. Scholars also receive guidance and funding for two internships in their home countries during their studies. The internships aim to sustain the Scholars’ connection with their home countries and build a path toward meaningful employment post-graduation.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill is coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students with support from the Office of the Deputy-Provost (Student Life and Learning).