Senior Seminar for Baraa Noueihed Ph.D Candidate Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics McGill University


Baraa Noueihed Ph.D Candidate Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics McGill University/pharmaCategory: Pharmacology Seminar Series

Turning skin cells into brain cells

Published: 16May2017

Microglia, critical to Alzheimer’s research, can now be produced artificially...

Happiness: The Workshop


Do you want to learn ways to become a happier person? Come learn about the science of happiness and discover how you can cultivate a positive mindset by taking in the good....

Skills for Managing Anxiety & Stress


Do you constantly criticize yourself?  Do you feel your efforts are never good enough? Do you set unrealistic standards? Join this group to discuss the role perfectionism plays in your life and...

Skills for Public Speaking


Freeze up when you want to ask a question in class? Got "seminar presentation jitters"? Practicing helps! ...

Drs. David Rudko and Christine Tardif join the BIC as new faculty members, MR specialists.

Published: 2May2017

We are truly happy and fortunate to welcome Drs. Christine Tardif and David Rudko as new BIC core Faculty members, effective May 01, 2017. They join the BIC team and platform as MR specialists, in...

MS Awareness Month 2017

Published: 1May2017

The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) is home to Canada’s first multiple sclerosis (MS) clinic, and MS research and treatment has been a major focus at The Neuro for many...

CaPS Acquisitions Update - May 2017

Published: 1May2017

What's new? New titles include:...

Albert Aguayo 2017 Lecture-Hardwired Circuits in the Mammalian Brain


Speaker: Charles Zuker, PhD, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Dept. of Neuroscience, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, USA/neuroCategory: MNI

myCourses Upgrade on May 29: New, Consistent Look and Feel

Published: 28Apr2017

On May 29, myCourses, McGill’s learning management system, will be upgraded to be responsive for a consistent user experience across computers, tablets, and mobile devices....