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Research Activities

A number of members of the Division are involved in research across the hospital sites.

Dr Louise Pilote
Dr Louise Pilote

is the principal investigator of the

Genesis Team
GENESIS is an international multi-centre project with centres across Canada and in Boston. Involving researchers in basic science, clinical epidemiology and health services, GENESIS is investigating the sex and gender determinants for the development, presentation, process of care and outcomes of cardiovascular disease.
In addition, Dr Pilote is co-investigator on the Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Team and on various projects concerning smoking cessation, diabetes, primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, and development and validation of new statistical methods for modeling intermediate events in survival analysis.

Kaberi Dasgupta
Dr Kaberi Dasgupta's research interests are in the prevention and management of cardiovascular complications in diabetes through physical activity and dietary changes. Results have indicated that adding supervised exercise to a dietary program was associated with incremental improvements in blood pressure control and fitness, but did not enhance weight loss.

Dr Stella Daskalopoulou's research interests are in vascular technolology and medicine. She conducts vascular research projects, including image analysis of atherosclerotic plaque composition using non-invasive technology, as well as assessment of the arterial stiffness in patients with different cardiovascular risk factors.

Dr Steve Grover's research focusses on innovative strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease among asymptomatic adults. He has developed a statistical model of cardiovascular disease progression to forecast the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of specific prevention programs.

  • Venous thrombosis

S Khan
Dr Susan Kahn's research activities focus primarily on the epidemiology of venous thrombosis disorders. Dr Kahn leads a CIHR multi-centre trial of interventions to prevent the post-thrombotic syndrome after venous thrombosis. She is also involved in a number of peer review agency-funded trials that examine a variety of preventive and therapeutic strategies for venous thrombosis.


V Tagalakis
Dr Vicky Tagalakis’s research in venous thromboembolism focuses on the elucidation of risk factors for venous thromboembolism, and the epidemiology of venous thrombosis in cancer patients. Her interests include the methodologic issues of using population-based databases to pursue clinical questions and thrombosis pharmacoepidemiology. Dr Tagalakis has completed and published work on measuring the role of inherited thrombophilic disorders in catheter-related thrombosis, the incidence and predictors of thrombosis in lung cancer patients, and the natural history of birth control-related venous thrombosis.


  • Nutrition

Dr John Hoffer focuses on original hypothesis-testing research into human clinical nutrition, nutritional adaptation and nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases. He heads major projects such as intravenous ascorbate infusions in cancer patients, examining nutritional effects of amino acid and proteins and the maintenance of a mass spectrometry facility.

  • Ethics (T. Maniatis)