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Clinical Activities

Core activities

  1. Clinical Teaching Units (in-patient)
  2. General Internal Medicine Ambulatory Care
  3. Emergency Room Consultation
  4. General Internal Medicine Consult Service
  5. Medical Day Hospital 

Specialized activities 

  • Cardiac Health Improvement Program and Diabetes Prevention/Control Programs (S. Grover)
  • Cree and Inuit Health Services (L. Green, C. Bromvich)
  • Diabetes (K. Dasgupta)
  • Hypertension (L. Green, P.McLeod, T.Meagher, T.Maniatis, L.Trudeau)
  • Obstetrical Medicine Clinic (L. Opatrny)
  • Bone metabolism (S. Morin)
  • Pre-operative evaluation (D. Hornstein, L. Green, D. Dawson, P.Zanelli, M.Churchill-Smith)
  • Cardiovascular Centre (E. Schiffrin) 
  • Thrombosis (S. Kahn)
  • Tropical/ Travel medicine (D. Dawson, L. Green, J. Pickering)