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Academic Programs

The IGSF supports three academic programs:

Make an advising appointment with claire [dot] michela [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Claire Michela), IGSF Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator

Annual IGSF Orientation

Orientation sessions for ALL 3 IGSF programs are held annually in late August. The orientation is crucial – informative and highly advantageous – for those registered or considering registration in the above programs.

Date: Thursday, August 28th

Location: IGSF Seminar Room, 3487 Peel, 2nd Floor

10:30-11:30am Graduate Option in Gender and Women's Studies*

2:00-3:00pm Undergraduate Programs in Women's Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies*

3:00-4:00pm Extracurricular Options and Student Social

*Attendance Compulsory for all newly enrolled students in IGSF programs, but all are welcome!