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Message from the Director

IGSF has a new Director!  Professor Alanna Thain assumed her new role on 1 July.  More to come.



Winter 2015

Carrie A. Rentschler, Director, IGSF

The Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies was approved by the McGill Board of Governors in 2009 in order to integrate and expand interdisciplinary research and teaching in feminist studies, gender, and sexual diversity at McGill University. The Institute has built on an important legacy of scholarship and community outreach in these areas, dating back to 1988 with the beginning of the McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women and further leveraged by the later efforts of faculty, students and staff on campus, including McGill’s Queer Equity Subcommittee.  We are grateful for the work our institutional forebears and constituents have done to establish a firm foundation on which the Institute continues to build. Today, our work focuses on growing those shared legacies of scholarship at McGill University around innovative scholarship, teaching and inquiry-based research and outreach initiatives.

The Institute organizes and supports a number of activities and projects that are tied to the creation of a stronger, more visible, and broader reaching culture of research and teaching on gender, sexuality, and feminist studies. We hope you will join us for our events which include the Esquisses lecture series, symposia, conferences and workshops, and cover such cross-disciplinary topics as theories of gendered embodiment, the futures of feminist theory, sexuality and cultures of financialized risk, girlhood studies and the politics of place, consent culture and responses to sexual violence, gender and new media, feminist archiving, and the anti-racist work of trans organizing.

To facilitate this work and develop a culture of public outreach, the Institute links up with complementary units on and off campus, with networks of students and research collaborators, and with partnering organizations that include the Girls Action Foundation, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Studio XX, The HTMlles - Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture, Justice for Girls, dpi, and others. 

We invite you to learn more and get involved with our IGSF communities. We are committed to energizing the Institute through visiting scholar positions, postdoctoral researchers and bringing new faculty and students into our activities. This year’s visiting professors come to IGSF to conduct research while on research leave from their home departments and universities. 

For more information and to stay connected to the Institute, follow our twitter feed (@IGSFMcGill) and check out our Facebook page (IGSF, McGill) or visit us on Youtube (IGSF, McGill). If you would like to support our efforts in any way, please get in contact with us info [dot] igsf [at] mcgill [dot] ca ((click here)).