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Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies - IGSF


The Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF) supports cutting-edge research, teaching and outreach activities in gender, sexuality and feminist studies. We aim to produce knowledge that is accessible to the public and in dialogue with our local communities, and we are committed to creating a more just, equal, responsive and creative world. Our undergraduate teaching programs in Women’s Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies train students in critical, intersectional and transnational approaches to study. We also support the interdisciplinary Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies, which offers graduate training in gender studies and feminist theories, methods and research.  

Through community and university partnerships, we host public events, symposia, lectures, and a speaker series on a range of topics. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we support student internships in gender, sexuality and feminist studies, fund student awards on community service and academic excellence, host visiting professors from around the world, and organize public events and workshops on a number of issues, from current struggles for justice to emergent research methodologies and advocacy in the field. The Institute also gratefully acknowledges support from the Dean of Arts and its other institutional benefactors. 

We invite you to learn more about the Institute’s activities and opportunities for students and researchers at McGill.


The Mary Eleanor Shewan Research Internships with IGSF, created by a generous donation from Cynthia Shewan, BA'65, in memory of her mother, Mary Eleanor Shewan. Internships were awarded to students whose work will focus on issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusivity. More information on this year's recipients is available on the Internships page.

IGSF Faculty Asst. Prof. Vrinda Narain was interviewed on "The Exchange," a nightly radio show on CJAD 800. Check out the full interview here!


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