Information about faculty members whose research interests include the History and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Department of Philosophy

Name Research interests
Emily Carson Intuition, Kant, Locke
Michael Hallett Cantor, foundations of geometry, Hilbert, set theory
Alison Laywine Mixed mathematics in antiquity and the early modern period
Stephen Menn Ancient mathematics (geometry, proportion theory, astronomy); development of 19th and 20th century algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory; mathematical explanation, relations between 'higher' and 'lower' theories
Dirk Schlimm Axiomatics, mathematical cognition, Dedekind, numeral systems, Pasch

Visiting Professors

Fall 2014–Winter 2015 Research interests
Richard Zach (University of Calgary) Logic, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of mathematics

Other Departments at McGill

Name / Department Research interests
Brendan Gillon (Linguistics) Indian logic, semantics

Other Departments in Montreal

Name / Department / University Research interests
Yvon Gauthier (Philosophy, Université de Montréal) Foundations of physics, Hegel, Kronecker, logic
Greg Lavers (Philosophy, Concordia University) Carnap, Frege, Quine
François Lepage (Philosophy, Université de Montréal) Intuitionism, Lesniewski, logic, Russell
Mathieu Marion (Philosophy, UQÀM) Collingwood, philosophy of logic, Wittgenstein
Jean-Pierre Marquis (Philosophy, Université de Montréal) Abstraction, category theory, homotopy theory