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Information about faculty members whose research interests include the History and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Department of Philosophy

Emily Carson
- Research interests: intuition, Kant, Locke

Michael Hallett
Research interests: Cantor, foundations of geometry, Hilbert, set theory

Alison Laywine
Research interests: mixed mathematics in antiquity and the early modern period

Stephen Menn
Research interests: ancient mathematics (geometry, proportion theory, astronomy); development of 19th and 20th century algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory; mathematical explanation, relations between 'higher' and 'lower' theories

Dirk Schlimm
Research interests: axiomatics, cognition, Dedekind, numeral systems, Pasch

Other Departments at McGill

Brendan Gillon (Linguistics)
Research interests: Indian logic, semantics

Other Departments in Montreal

Yvon Gauthier (Philosophy, Université de Montréal)
Research interests: foundations of physics, Hegel, Kronecker, logic

Greg Lavers (Philosophy, Concordia University)
Research interests: Carnap, Frege, Quine

François Lepage (Philosophy, Université de Montréal)
Research interests: intuitionism, Lesniewski, logic, Russell

Mathieu Marion (Philosophy, UQÀM)
Research interests: Collingwood, philosophy of logic, Wittgenstein

Jean-Pierre Marquis (Philosophy, Université de Montréal)
Research interests: abstraction, category theory, homotopy theory