YearNameDissertation titleAdvisor(s)


Oran Magal What is mathematical about mathematics? Hallett, Schlimm


Brian van den Broek What is constant in logic? Hallett


Lydia Patton Hermann Cohen's history and philosophy of science Laywine, Hallett


René Jagnow Geometry and spatial intuition: a genetic approach Hallett


Kathryn Morris Geometrical physics: mathematics in the natural philosophy of Thomas Hobbes Laywine, Menn

Honors Theses

YearNameThesis titleAdvisor(s)
2014 Gabriel Larivière On Tarski and the reconstruction of semantical concepts Schlimm
2013 Nicolas Daigneault The psychologism debate and natural geometry Schlimm
2010 Andy Yu Empiricism in mathematics Schlimm
2008 Markus Prinz Helmholtz on geometric axioms                                  Schlimm

Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA)

YearNameProject titleAdvisor(s)
2013 Douglas Campbell The content and context of Pasch's "Lectures on Projective Geometry" (1882) Schlimm
2012 Rachael Berta The cognitive science of geometry Schlimm
2012 Samuel Stathakos Cognitive modeling of arithmetic with different numeral systems Schlimm
2011 Tyler Call The works of Moritz Pasch Schlimm
2010 Rachel Rudolph Weierstrass' Lectures on "Principles of Analytic Functions" (1865/66)     Schlimm