Arctic Iqaluit, Nunavut

MA graduate student Sara Statham in Iqaluit, Nunavut (the southeast coast of Baffin Island), where she has undertaken fieldwork regarding food security and climate change.

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Zanzibar Africa

Undergraduate students on the Africa Field Semester gain a greater appreciation of the roles of mangrove ecosystems.

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South America Peruvian Amazon

MSc graduate student Meghan Doiron’s (on right) research focuses on understanding the information sharing networks that link ribereño households in the north-eastern Peruvian Amazon.

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Tamil Nadu Southern India

Geography and IDS Joint Honours student Stephanie Austin completing interviews regarding organic agriculture and livelihoods in Tamil Nadu.

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The Climate Change Adaptation Research Group

The Climate Change Adaptation Research Group (CCARG) led by Dr. James Ford: The group’s research takes place at the interface between science and policy, working with Indigenous communities on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning

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The Occupy Movement and the Top 1% in Canada

In a forthcoming paper to be published in Antipode, Prof. Sebastien Breau explores recent patterns of inequality in Canada, paying particular attention to changes in the characteristics of the top 1% of income earners.

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MA graduate Vicki Kyeyune tries on local ethnic minority Hmong clothing, after interviews regarding hybrid maize and food security in upland Vietnam.


A partnership between municipal employees, academics, and members of the private and non-profit sectors, Geothink is the largest grant investigating the implications of increasing two-way exchanges of locational information between citizens and their city governments. 

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Welcome to McGill Geography

Geography is the study of physical environments and human habitats. It deals with people and places. It covers issues such as global warming and climate change, food and water resources, management of ecosystems, human health, regional economic disparities, urban infrastructure, native land claims and permafrost problems. Both a physical and a social science, it provides a unique opportunity to obtain a broad exposure to modes of analyzing the many environmental and situational problems of contemporary society. Our department is based in the Faculty of Science and offers degrees at the Bachelors (B.A., B.Sc, & B.A.Sc.), Masters (M.A. & M.Sc), and Ph.D. levels.

Activities and Announcements

Research Featured in EOS

An article co-authored by department alumna Dr. Nicole Couture and Prof. Wayne Pollard, “Coastal Erosion of Permafrost Soils Along the Yukon Coastal Plain and Fluxes of Organic Carbon to the Canadian Beaufort Sea” was recently featured as a Research Spotlight in the EOS newsletter. Prof. Pollard also co-authored another article spotlighted by EOS last December, “Physicochemical and Biological Controls on Carbon and Nitrogen in Permafrost from an Ultraxerous Environment, McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica.”

Posted March 17, 2018

Geospectives LogoGeoSpectives

The GeoSpectives series resumes on March 19 when Prof. Kate D. Derickson (University of Minnesota) will deliver a talk titled, The Brick Wall You Cannot See: On the Limits of Knowing for Anti-Racist Futures. Please join us from 10-11 a.m. in Burnside 426.

Posted February 4, 2017

Geospectives LogoSustainability Research Symposium

Prof. Juanita Sundberg (UBC) will deliver the keynote address for the McGill Sustainability Research Symposium, titled, The Nature of Border Control: Walls, Legal Waivers, and the Proliferation of Insecurities for Multispecies Communities in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands. Her talk will be Tuesday, March 20 at 10 a.m. in the Thomson House Ballroom, and is cosponsored by GeoSpectives. 

Posted March 14, 2018


Geography Undergraduate Research Award (GURA)

The Department of Geography is introducing the Geography Undergraduate Research Award (GURA) for BA majoring in Geography and closely allied programs.  The GURA is a sixteen week award to allow you to work to pursue a research project under the supervision of a professor in Geography.  The minimum value of the award is $6,500, $3,500 of which is provided by the Department of Geography and a minimum of $3,000 provided by the supervisor.  This award has been created to complement the NSERC USRA and Faculty of Science SURA programs that are only available to B.Sc. and BA & Sc. majors. 

Click on the heading at the top for more information and the application form.  Note the application form has two parts – Part 1 is filled out and submitted by the applicant and part II is filled our and submitted by the supervisor.  The deadline for a completed application is Monday, March 19 at 16:30.     

Posted March 7, 2018

Prof. Benjamin Forest on Statue Vandalism

The department's Prof. Benjamin Forest was interviewed by Global News for a story about the vandalism of two statues of Queen Victoria in Montreal on March 15.

Posted March 16, 2018