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Prof. Lea Berrang-Ford

Lea BerrangFord

Associate Professor
Health geography, global health, epidemiology, ecohealth, spatial analysis, climate change adaptation.

Prof. Sébastien Breau

Sébastien Breau

Associate Professor
Economic and industrial geography, international trade, global city-regions and inequality.

Prof. Peter G. Brown

Peter G. Brown

Ethics, governance, and the protection of the environment

Prof. Gail Chmura

Gail Chmura

Associate Professor
Biogeography, paleo-ecology and wetland dynamics.

Prof. Oliver Coomes

Oliver Coomes

Environment and development in Latin America. Peasant economy, livelihoods, conservation and economic development in tropical forests.

Prof. James Ford

James Ford

Associate Professor
Global environmental change and natural hazards.

Prof. Benjamin Forest

Benjamin Forest

Associate Professor
Political and social geography

Prof. Margaret Kalacska

Margaret Kalacska

Associate Professor
Ecological and forensic applications of remote sensing, hyperspectral data analysis, machine learning , spatial modeling and tropical ecology.

Prof. Michel Lapointe

Michel Lapointe

Associate Professor
Fluvial geomorphology, river ecosystem science and the conservation of river habitats

Prof. Bernhard Lehner

Bernhard Lehner

Associate Professor
Global hydrology

Prof. Kevin Manaugh

Kevin Manaugh

Assistant Professor
Sustainable Transportation, Spatial Justice, Decision making processes, GIS

Prof. Thom Meredith

Thom Meredith

Associate Professor
Environmental management. Impact assessment procedures, especially in cross-cultural situations. Environmental conflict resolution in Canada

Prof. Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Soils, biogeochemistry, ecology of peatlands and climate change

Prof. Sarah Moser

Sarah Moser

Assistant Professor
Cultural and urban geography

Prof. Ludger Müller-Wille

Ludger Müller-Wille

History of anthropological and geographical research in northernmost Europe and arctic Canada since the late 19th century.

Prof. Sherry Olson

Sherry Olson

Professor Emerita
Geography and environmental history

Prof. Natalie Oswin

Natalie Oswin

Assistant Professor
Urban, cultural and political geography

Prof. Wayne Pollard

Wayne Pollard

Permafrost and periglacial geomorphology

Prof. Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor
Environment and development, institutions, ecosystem services, livelihoods, spatial interactions of people and resources, China

Prof. Nancy Ross

Nancy Ross

Associate Professor
Social determinants of health, health inequalities in Canada, income inequality as a determinant of the health of populations, environment and obesity.

Prof. Nigel Roulet

Nigel Roulet - Chair

Interactions of hydrologic, climatic, and ecosystems interact in controlling the exchange of mass and energy at the earth's surface

Prof. Raja Sengupta

Raja Sengupta

Associate Professor
Geographic Information Science, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Agent-based Modeling and Water Resources Management.

Prof. Renee Sieber

Renee Sieber

Associate Professor
Use and value of information technology by marginalized communities, commmunity based organizations, and social movement groups

Prof. Ian Strachan

Ian Strachan

Associate Professor
Micrometeorological research centred on ways in which management and modification of ecosystems influences surface-atmosphere interactions.

Prof. Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner

Associate Professor
Development geography, Southeast Asian geography.

Prof. Jon Unruh

Jon Unruh

Associate Professor
Human geography and international development with focus on Africa.

Prof. George Wenzel

George Wenzel

Northern peoples. Renewable resource harvesting in Arctic Canada; public policy and Native People.

Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

Prof. Christian Blodau

Christian Blodau

Adjunct Faculty. Department of Hydrology, University of Bayreuth, Germany.

The regulation of biogeochemical cycles, particularly at the interfaces between atmosphere, soils and groundwater, and between ground- and surface water.

Prof. George Leblanc

George Leblanc

Adjunct Faculty. National Research Concil of Canada's Flight Research Laboratory

Defense applications, Forensic (buried remains) and Policing remote sensing, Species at Risk remote sensing, Polarmetric Hyperspectral Imaging and development of UAV applications for Natural Resources exploration.

Prof. Elizabeth Levac

Elizabeth Levac

Adjunct Faculty. Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Geography, Bishops University.

Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology, more specifically on abrupt climate changes during the Holocene, on interactions between climate systems and human cultures. She also conducts research on pollen monitoring and allergies.


Catrina (Cat) MacKenzie


Catrina (Cat) MacKenzie

Affiliate Member. Adjunct Lecturer, Department of of Geography, University of Vermont

Research interests: Conservation policy and the spatial and societal distribution of benefits and losses accrued by communities located adjacent to protected areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Prof. Damon Matthews
Damon Matthews

Adjuct Professor. Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University.

Global climate and carbon cycle modelling, modelling greenhouse gas sources and sinks, investigating the impacts of climate warming of global biogeochemical cycles, estimating allowable emissions for climate stabilization targets, evaluating the Earth-system consequences of climate engineering proposals.

Prof. Florin Pendea

Florin Pendea

Adjunct Faculty. Associate Professor, Sustainability Sciences, Geography and the Environment, Lakehead University

Florin is a broadly trained physical geographer with research and teaching interests in Paleoecology, Geomorphology, Geoarchaeology, and Quaternary environmental change. His current research focuses on the role of disturbance in wetland dynamics and climate and landscape change in northern prehistory.

Prof. Matthew Peros

Matthew Peros

Adjunct Faculty. Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Geography, Bishops University.

Climatological, ecological, and archaeological sciences. My research seeks to answer fundamental questions within two broad areas: (1) what have been the driving forces behind climate and landscape change during the Late Quaternary? and (2), how has the natural environment constrained/provided opportunities for cultural and biological change? To address questions the use a field- and laboratory-based approach is applied, integrating information derived from geological and paleoecological investigations with archaeological data.

Navin Ramankutty

Adjunct Faculty. Professor, Global Food Security and Sustainability, Liu Institute for Global Issues, and Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University oBritish Columbia

My research includes study of spatial patterns of current and historical agricultural land use; analysis of food production and food security; and global ecosystem modelling.

Jeanine Rhemtulla

Adjunct Faculty. Assistant Professor, Department of of Forest and Conservation Sciences, University of British Columbia

My research focuses on long-term interactions between human land use and ecosystem structure, composition, and functioning.

Oliver Sonnentag

Oliver Sonnentag

Adjunct Professor. Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Montreal

My research interests lie generally in atmospheric biogeosciences. More specifically, I am interested in better understanding alterations in biosphere-atmosphere interactions of northern ecosystems in response to changing permafrost regimes. In addition, I am equally interested in local, regional and global biophysical parameter monitoring and mapping to study changes in ecosystem composition, structure and functioning.

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars

Rachid Hedjam

Rachid Hedjam

Post-doctoral Fellow
Department of Geography, McGill University
Synchromedia laboratory member, École de technologie supérieure

Research interests: Multispectral image processing, image statistical modeling, pattern recognition.

Delphine Renard

Delphine Renard

Post-doctoral Fellow

Research interests: Past land-use impact on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and provision of ecosystem services; spatial ecology; soil ecology; organisms as ecosystem engineers

Weifeng Wang

Weifeng Wang

Post-doctoral Felllow
Department of Geography, McGill University

Research interests: Environmental modeling, biogeochemistry, and ecosystem ecology.


Ms. June Connolly

Ms. June Connolly

Undergraduate Coordinator
undergrad [dot] geog [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4951
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

I am responsible for scheduling all the undergraduate courses for the department including 500 level combined graduate/undergraduate courses. I also assist students with general inquires and verify that students have met their program requirements for graduation.

Mr. Mike Dalva

Moshe (Mike) Dalva

Research Technician
dalva [at] geog [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4957
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 610

My work involves supervision of the soils/biogeochemistry lab; instructing students on the use of various analyzers; Installation and troubleshooting of lab and field equipment measuring carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; monitoring and collection of field data through various loggers.

Elisa David, Geography Graduate Program Coordinator

Elisa David

Graduate Co-ordinator
grad [dot] geog [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4111
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

Mr. Michael Havas

Michael Havas

Systems Administrator
itsupport [at] geog [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-3761
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 847

I provide backend support for servers in Geography and oversee the network operations of the Geography computers.

Ms. Paula Kestelman

Ms. Paula Kestelman

Senior Technician
paulak [at] geog [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4310
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 613

Responsibilities: Lab and field course safety. Maintenance, preparation, purchasing and insuring of field equipment used in courses and at some field sites. Coordinating of renovations to classrooms, labs and offices.

Ms. Michelle Maillet

Ms. Michelle Maillet

Undergraduate Student Advisor
advisor [dot] geog [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Location: Burnside Hall, Room: 323

Ms. Franca Mancuso

Ms. Franca Mancuso

Accounts Administrator
accounting [dot] geog [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-8892
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

Ms. Nancy Secondo

Ms. Nancy Secondo

Acting Administrative Assistant & FST Manager
nancy [dot] secondo [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4114
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 704

Mr. Joseph Vacirca

Joseph Vacirca

Network Technician
joseph [at] geog [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)
Tel: (514) 398-4879
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

I take care of the computer hardware and software needs for staff, professors and students in the geography department.

Geographic Information Centre

The goal of the Geographic Information Centre (GIC) is to actively support the teaching, learning and research activities of McGill University in the areas of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

Pablo Arroyo - GIC Director

Pablo Arroyo

Email: pablo[dot]arroyo[at]mcgill[dot]ca

Tropical forestry, Forest ecology, Diversity assessment, GIS, Remote sensing and Landscape ecology, Project management.Tel: 514-398-6052

Ablajan Sulaiman - Research Assistant

Ablajan Sulaiman

ablajan [dot] sulaiman [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)


GIS/RS, Web Mapping Design, Web Development and Database Management, Geo-spatial Data Visualization

Ruilan Shi - GIS Technician

Ruilan Shi

ruilan [dot] shi [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Tel: 514-398-6052

Provides help with ArcGIS, troubleshooting ArcGIS versions, ArcGIS licenses, GIS software solutions