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Engineering Microcomputing Facilities

Up-to-date technology and knowledgeable consultants are required to assist Engineering, Urban Planning, and Architecture students with their course demands.

As such, EMF maintains 22 specialized labs, allowing student's to use the Internet, CD and DVD recording devices and scanners when it is convenient for them. For that reason, many EMF labs are open 24-7 and extensive wireless access is available across campus.

EMF provides over 100 course-specific software programs such as AutoCAD, Matlab, Pro Engineer, and Adobe Creative Suite. Changing course requirements necessitate that new software programs be continuously installed, allowing students to complete impressive course projects and compulsory assignments.

EMF combines ample space, modern technology, and capable consultants, many of whom are engineering students themselves, in order to remain current with the evolving world of technology so that students will be better prepared for the professional world.

To familiarize yourself with all that EMF has to offer, choose from the menu at the top left of the screen. If you have questions or concerns, contact us.