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As director of McGill Counselling Service I'd like to acquaint you with our team and our services. We are a staff of fourteen clinicians (eight Psychologists, four licensed professional Counsellors, and one Social worker), and twelve interns (six Masters level and six PhD level in Counselling Psychology).

Approximately 80% of staff time is devoted to the delivery of direct clinical and counseling services. The remaining staff time is spent in training and supervision, group counselling and workshops, consultation and outreach, staff development, administrative responsibilities, teaching and clinical training in the Department of Counselling Psychology, as well as assessment and research initiatives.

The theoretical orientation of our staff if firmly rooted in practitioner-scholar mode of evidence informed integrative modalities which include a range of theoretical orientations, within a context of strong humanistic values of wellness and diversity. Significant interest and expertise exist in psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, feminist, interpersonal, and new wave cognitive-behavioral models (schema therapy and mindfulness based therapies), with most staff members being theoretically integrative and most operating within the short-term model.

I am proud to introduce you to our team,

Dr. Vera Romano

Ph.D. McGill University (Counselling Psychology)

Psychologist O.P.Q.


Counselling Service Team:

Jim Robinson

Education: M.Ed. McGill University (Educational Psychology and Counselling 1990) Senior Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, Mindfulness based approaches, Person centered, humanistic, developmental, interpersonal/relational, and psychodynamic

Professional Interests: Mindfulness based therapies, Supervision, grief + loss, consultation, diversity, college student Development, the psychology of Males. 

Evelyn Rodinos

Education: M.Ed. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 1989) Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative (Psychodynamic existential)

Professional Interests: Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, family of origin issues, relationships/ couples, training & Supervision; Positive Psychology; Therapist self-care

Donna Kuzmarov

Education: M.Ed. McGill University (Educational Psychology and Counselling 1990) Senior Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, psychodynamic, feminist, interpersonal, humanistic

Professional Interests: Family of origin issues, assertiveness, women’s issues, eating disorders/body image, grief + loss, relationships      

Ruth Mencow

Education: M.S.W. Columbia University 1972- Social Worker O.P.T.S.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, Humanistic, existential, psychodynamic

Professional Interests: College student development, international students, public speaking workshops

Emma Naujokaitis

Education: M.A. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2004), Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Constructivist, psychodynamic, person centered

Professional Interests: Trauma and recovery, family of origin issues, addictive behaviors and substance abuse, college student development, Existential issues

Martha Chamodraka

Education: Ph.D., McGill University (Counselling Psychology, 2009); M.A., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2002), Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative (humanistic, experiential, interpersonal, psychodynamic)

Professional Interests: Relationships, family of origin/developmental issues, self-esteem, trauma, sexuality, cultural diversity, training/supervision

André Gagnon

Education: M.Ed. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 1992), Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Mindfulness based therapies, existential, humanistic, constructivist, Jungian psychology

Professional Interests: Personality assessment, sexuality, anxiety disorders, existential issues and spirituality, family issues, college student development and career development   

Francine Gauvin

Education: M.A. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2002) Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: An “integrative” approach combining Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Self-Psychology (with CBT as an adjunct to therapy), tailoring care to the unique problems of each person.

Professional Interests: Transitions, relationships, and existential issues in addition to sex & couples therapy

Karen McGrath

Education: M.Ed., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2000) Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative approach to  Psychodynamic, interpersonal, systems, Schema Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral

Professional Interests: Childhood trauma, training/supervision, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Personality disorders, adolescent development, ACOA’s (Adult Children of Alcoholics), mindfulness, anxiety and depression

Katherine Kozina

Education: M.A., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2007) Psychologist O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative CBT, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, & Existential

Professional Interests: Developmental issues, relationship issues, anxiety or fears, depression, mourning and loss, trauma, existential issues, supervision

Nicole Roberts

Education: M.Ed., PhD Candidate in Counselling Psychology, McGill University

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, humanistic, cognitive behavioral

Professional Interests: Anxiety/stress, depression, relationships, self-esteem, trauma, harm reduction for substance abuse, family/developmental issues and sexuality

Norm O’Brien

Education: M.A. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2011), Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative approach based in Constructivist and Person-Centered theories with Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness approaches as adjuncts to therapy.

Professional Interests: Depression, anxiety, emotion regulation, family/developmental issues, career exploration, academic stress, substance abuse.

Pascale Gendreau

Education: M.A. McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2013), Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, existential-humanistic, and interpersonal.

Professional Interests: Positive psychology, happiness, transition to adulthood, family/developmental issues, career development, self-compassion, and imagination.

Nadja Grabovari

Education: Post-Master’s training in Marital and Family Therapy (Argyle Institute of Human Relations – expected, 2016); M.A., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2007); Psychologist, O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative approach to Emotionally Focused Therapy, attachment-based, humanistic, psychodynamic, and family systems.

Professional Interests: Relationships issues, family conflict, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, emotion regulations, career counseling, life transitions, career testing and couple therapy.

Cali Armstrong

Education: PhD McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2013), MA Concordia University (Creative Arts Therapies 2007), Certified Canadian Counsellor, Registered Drama Therapist.

Theoretical Orientation: Person-Centered, Humanistic, Integrative.

Professional Interests: Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Existential Issues, Career Development.

Marianne Chivi

Education: M.A., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2011), Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative (Psychodynamic, Emotion-Focused, Humanistic & Experiential) with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as an adjunct to therapy.

Professional Interests: Family of origin/relationship issues, attachment security, depression and other mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, and sexuality.

Robin Jolivet

Education: M.A., McGill University (Counselling Psychology 2011). Counsellor, Psychotherapist. O.C.C.O.Q., psychotherapy permit granted by O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative approach informed by Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Professional Interests: Depression, anxiety, technology addiction, mindfulness, family of origin, sexuality

George Radiotis

Education: M.A. Counselling Psychology (McGill University, 2011), Counsellor O.C.C.O.Q., Psychotherapist, O.P.Q.

Theoretical Orientation: Integrative approach based on Cognitive-Behavioral, Humanistic, Solution-Focused, and Mindfulness theories.

Professional Interests: Anxiety, depression, academic stress, emotion regulation, family/developmental issues , relationships, and substance abuse